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Bat For Lashes - Lost Girls
Sep 5, 2019
An album that celebrates the slick and neon soak vibe of the 80's driven with so much artistic precision and grandeur, the fifth studio effort from Bat for Lashes Natasha Khan doesn't hold back instrumentally in building celestial, scintillating tracks evoking goth pop glamour and nocturnal pleasures of enraptured nature.

Opener Kids in the Dark pulses with synth-arpeggio punch that let us dive headfirst to her world, with infectious hooks and atmosphere evoking the era long gone. Second track, Hunger, fills the space with bass and emotive harmonies that evokes drama while Feel For You is an upbeat number couples with strings and bouncy percussion, channeling Bryan Ferry at certain moments. Desert Man takes listeners back to the old Bat for Lashes with its chiming piano notes and soaring vocals paired seamlessly with ethereal electronics while Jasmine is a synthpop banger with lyrics sung-speak at most giving an alluring nature. The instrumental highlight, Vampires, features what I could say one of the most carnal saxophone tones I've heard so breathtakingly composed and structured that it could be easily mistaken as a lost track from The Cure's Disintegration. The tracklist continues with a straightforward 80's driven anthem So Good (ultimately a favorite of mine off the record) which has this infectious, almost addictive quality with basslines, synths and drums interplays beneath a reverb haze with a hook that sticks at you after it ends. Safe Tonight shimmers and glides through its candy colored synths and instrumentals atop Natasha's urgent vocals while Peach Sky shares that percussive punch and tropicalia over slink piano tones giving it a piercing presence while the closer track, Mountains is a piano-synth ballad of melancholic nature slow burning to a warm close.

Our ongoing resurgence and interest of the 80's culture fueled what has become Natasha's strength as an artist and a visionary: to capture what was gone and what was lost, transcending that sumptuous, emboldened times with enough shimmer and smolder. Topnotch synthpop record right here.
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