verniers -
a quiet guide on how to come to terms with your failures.
verniers -
thank for sharing this with me, isa. it is the epitome of our love.
verniers -
pondering on the empty waters, a long distance awaits, an infinite source of joy, a bridge to nowhere whatsoever, a reflection on the wrongs that plague humanity.
verniers -
yeah i mean i get the idea but holy shit it's kinda cringe at times
verniers -
the leadup to one of the greatest and most underrated albums i've heard
verniers -
a gorgeous testament to human truth and discovery. wow.
verniers -
it's easy to give this a high score because it's so short, but also, because it is so FUCKING good
verniers -
tram create a great follow up to a crucial minimalist work
verniers -
can't wait to see what she does in the future
verniers -
one of the most important lofi releases ever
verniers -
different from their debut, but powerful in its own way
verniers -
an album that feels like a joyous triumph, full of love and a sense of one's place in the world.
verniers -
like a sore throat that won't go away, this album catches you off guard and sticks with you.
verniers -
this album rewards you for solitude and serenity. there is peace spread across its body, and you are welcomed into the world it creates.
verniers -
leonard cohen's songwriting is that a human being deeply attuned to the nature of our collective condition, and his voice expresses the yearnings of our souls.
verniers -
this album is undeniable in its sheer power. it punches you in the mouth, kicks you in the balls, and throws you against the wall in its brutality.
verniers -
biased but this is nearly masterpiece levels
verniers -
okay, infectious is the best word to describe the music on here. endearing as fuck.
verniers -
why is there a cover of star spangled banner and why is it so good
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