AOTY 2023
Michael Jackson - Rock with You
This song rocked my world like - no wonder he had bastard children : his music and the sheer personality it carries, how cute his personality always was and his off-the-charts levels of pure RIZZ- this man in life was truly a hell of a pvssy magnet to the point that the harder choice would be to NOT “rock” with him LOL
Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang
When you were younger, Clean-minded and most importantly didn't understand a single full-sentence in english, you'd just groove to it

But when you grow up and become more familiar with the english language, you start to see what the song is about and then that “and I oop - (I can't imagine I was hearing and SINGING to this as a kid LMAO)” moment comes

Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (Bonus Edition)

Also I'm so f-ing happy that Flavour Of The Month is now internationally CANON - WE WON!!!!!!

lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
Pronouns : it's/not/that/i/like/you/or/anything

Btw yes I'm feeling like being a cringe fvck lately because I busted-a-nut so hard that my braincells got fried in the aftermath :>

Kenny Mason - Highway 9

Oh, the music? It's good, but the tempo is more confusing than my gender expression

Kurt Vile - Back to Moon Beach
A chill and laid-back package of tracks that work well when it comes to the commemorative time of the year that it was released, with a wave of sonorities that's accessible to ppl of all ages (depending also to your affinity with soft-rock music) and that carries a pretty modest nature that's says “I'm just here to have a good time and just that”.
N i c e
君島大空 [Ohzora Kimishima] - 映帶する煙 (Eitai suru kemuri)
The passionate upbeat (even that pretty off-key, but always full of personality) vocal delivery that can uplift somebody's spirit when under 30 meters of proximity ; the cute and well detailed as well as pretty anthemic instrumentals that go for a really good length, yet make enough room for breathing + the cultural background of the language taken onto the context...

Yup, I think that I just found the perfect album for a Karaoke night

Voodoo Beach - Wonderful Life
Like voodoo : atmospheric grunge always finds its way onto pulling my heart-strings the right way ~ (I mean, a mixture of Sludge Metal, Shoegaze and even Punk-Pop in it !? Like, Okurr) 💜🖤💘
Dove Cameron - Alchemical Vol. 1
I'm still salty as hell from what Descendants did to Every After High so I'll be deducting points from my final score
John Francis Flynn - Look Over the Wall, See the Sky
Chill New Age Folk music to meditate to specially if you're a Hereditary-OST &/or Black Country New Road enjoyer (comme moi 💋)
Baby Kia - Glahh Glahh Boom
We All have this druggie uncle that gets too tipsy at family meetings and then starts to go onto mindless episodes of pretty tame anger outbursts at the dinning table, but that we don't make a huge deal of the situation because we already got used to that bullshit because we already tried to intervine way too many times before but with no successful results of changing his habits
Polo G - Hall of Fame
Hall of Tame (haha uncle joke go brr)
Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
The closest footage we have of what a real-life mermaid would sound like
Hobo Johnson - Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase
This is what Rick and Jerry saw on that talking-cat is mind
Coming back to listening to TURQUOISEDEATH more because we should always remember our roots after all ~ slaps as hard as always 💙
Diamanda Galás - The Divine Punishment (Remastered)
Got to get on the Christmas spirit for when daddy Krampus come for me and puts me in his sack
Angel Olsen - MY WOMAN
Hearing to her serene, yet strikingly powerful voice while accompanied with the right, mellow and richly melodious instrumentations really feels like a cerebral masturbation like- I'm feeling the most relaxed I've ever been in AGES
Surf Gang - At Least We Tried
This one goes to the micro-organisms that pop their nucleussies-off during that sweet asf mitosis
jonatan leandoer96 - Sugar World
Ok we need a instrumental-only edition of this because my dude here is as good at producing as he's f-ing godawful at singing

Like- I'm sorry but what's going in my head right now just from hearing his vocals is “I'm usually against bullying. Buuuuut (...)”
Like- it's like he's drunkingly trying to rip-off Susie's “I Am Free” song(The Amazing World Of Gumball) up the vocals
Like- his vocals are so f-ing stupidly cheesy that it's like Charlie Puth : Mentally Retarded ... read more

Sarah Kinsley - Ascension
At this point “Asian-descent alt-pop girlies with eargasmically smooth and sweet vocals and a grandious, yet properly laid back approach to their just as wonderful production ” is a personality trait of mine
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On Dove Cameron - Alchemical Vol. 1
"And that's way EAH just feels much more superior : the world-building, the concepts, the marketable products, the ideas that just made SO MUCH MORE SENSE than the mere cheesy idea of having Disney villains having children when, again, you couldn't see those same Disney Villains having children in most of the ever think-able scenarios in the first place, and that's why I feel that EAH worked much better with the similar premise, but with a storyline concept that worked just right, whereas Disney's concept of Descendants just didn't. Period)"
On Dove Cameron - Alchemical Vol. 1
"@mira666 (and btw both EAH and Descendants have the promise of “teenage children from popular figures”, however Descendants was way more limited because they'd be based-of from characters re-builded by Disney in ways that felt so unrealistic because you actually couldn't EVER see many of the Disney villains even conceiving the idea of having a child LMAO ; however, EAH picked popular folk-tales that had much more space for the idea of “Pop-culture fairytale characters's children” than Disney's because many of those old tales had way more creative freedom to go on because it was based on characters who'd be easily mold-able onto the basic premise of the series. EAH is re-interpretation of classic tales did feel much fresher than taking a spin of re-interpretating already re-interpretated characters who you couldn't see in such scenarios like - let's be honest, the fictional parental figures in EAH just made sense, whereas the 1s from Descendants didn't. That's what I'm meaning toSayToo"
On Dove Cameron - Alchemical Vol. 1
"@mira666 and tbh I don't dislike Descendants just for that : cheesy kidz-“bop”-ified cringy songs ; overly-generic characters made out from a already uncreative concept ; Descendants was basically a way for them to cash-grab onto nostalgia bias before they started to focus on making souless re-brands of their classic movies. Summarizing : Descendants was a mistake"
On lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"@zzile indirectly, yes"
On NeedlefluuJr's review of Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (Bonus Edition)
"Totally. Absolutely. Periodically. Mother-o-cally - honestly, just yes, f-ing yes, so true like - werk Ms Rina"
On rryanlaker's review of Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (Bonus Edition)
"In Gia the Boom Boom Gunn is iconique words : “absolutelyyyyyy”"
On SupItsChase's review of 君島大空 [Ohzora Kimishima] - 映帶する煙 (Eitai suru kemuri)
"The vocals could be stronger but they blend well enough with the very-great instrumentals to the point I don't mind them THAT much actually - still a very pretty piece of J-Rock that feels like it should have a much larger audience already by its explendid aesthetic factor"
On Flexreviews's review of Kurt Vile - Back to Moon Beach
"Agreed like - imho a EP is like 6 (full, not counting interludes) songs-max with usually around-or-less than 30 minutes of run-time. But that's something veeeeery subjective tbh"
On AndrewMoore's review of Kurt Vile - Back to Moon Beach
"His vocal approach is a tad-much like a Naomi Elizabeth esque sort-of approach so, tbh, that's maybe why I f with it a little"
On mikehermida's review of Kurt Vile - Back to Moon Beach
"“chilled stoner folk indie” might be my new fave phrase ever from now on lmaooo"
On kkei's review of Kenny Mason - Highway 9
"I find pretty annoying when somebody calls something mid when that same Motherf-er just gave it a score that doesn't add up to the math of something ACTUALLY mid"
On Cologne's review of Kenny Mason - Highway 9
"Lil Basic is a great rapper name tho- will keep that in mind for later"
On OnGawd's review of Kenny Mason - Highway 9
"Bish why you're acting like he just murdered your family, stole all the batteries from your house and left just 3-years-aged milk up your fridge LMAOOO-"
On Chickenhead's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"The most atmospheric PluggNB ever"
On pacer's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"Plz don't bring me back to my Undertale phase"
On jonn's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"May your anus rest in peace then"
On peggylover911's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"Not that you should tho"
On PeggySpitOnMe's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"Take a shot(🍺) everytime sigilkore is mentioned"
On colin's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"Dang sister @PeggySpitOnMe was there to spread the gospel to all and everybody"
On nino21321312312's review of lostrushi - SISTERHOOD
"Also a fine specimen of the rage genre"
On NTTR's review of Voodoo Beach - Wonderful Life
"Tbh German is one of the most intense languages in question of individual substance in its mannerisms that I've ever heard - what helps it a lot when it comes to expressing arts such as this in a passionate manner in every way you can think of"
On rich1977's review of John Francis Flynn - Look Over the Wall, See the Sky
"I wasn't much of a fan of that song is sound but girl did I feel it in a spiritual level lmao"
On Razzzz's review of Dove Cameron - Alchemical Vol. 1
"Why is this review so like what I just experienced hearing to it lol"
On heyjupiter's review of Dove Cameron - Alchemical Vol. 1
"Tbh very generous of you for rating any song from this above a 40 out of 100"

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