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aespa - Savage
Feb 29

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Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
It would be a 100 if it was 'To Pimp a Giraffe'.

Just saying.

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Lil Chilly - the crow
(Thank you @twelfth for recommending YOUR music)

It kinda reminds me of Lil Peep lol, only in the best ways. That emo sad boy vibes but with a more Shoegaze/Pop Punk direction, and honestly I'm here for it. But then you got some soft Indietronica and noisey Pop cuts that were pleasant genre incorporations. I like the very relaxing canary interlude. Electricity came out of left field and was pretty cool. Some weird ambient, harsh unsettling noise, over some hi-tempo drums. I always fuck with an ... read more

Just a friendly reminder that Meek Mill's involvement in the Diddy lawsuit extends beyond just having sex with Diddy (allegedly). There is also a claim Meek Mill consorted with underaged girls and sex workers on Diddy's yacht. Meaning he's complicit in and possibly apart of some seriously heinous and illegal behavior. A lot still has to come out but big yikes, big big yikes.

This EP is pretty meh. Meek Mill comes through with his trademark energy but not a lot of charisma. The production is ... read more

French Montana - Mac & Cheese 5
I was awoken at 3 am to banging at my bedroom window.
It was French Montana in my backyard throwing pebbles.

Yeah, just as confusing at it sounds. I asked him what the hell is he doing in my backyard, and he just asked if I've listened to Mac & Cheese 5 yet. He also asked me if I think he could go toe to toe with Kendrick. I didn't have the heart to tell him no, but I will listen to Mac & Cheese, just so he'll leave me alone.

God damn, there's a lot of features. French made a smart ... read more

Charli XCX - Von dutch
Charli! Ge- get off the furniture! I JUST cleaned in here.

Not a bad track, but I've definitely heard better from her. The production isn't doing a whole lot IMO, it's just an Electro Pop/House track for the club. The lyrics are simplistic and I'm not the biggest fan of her vocals here. Does it still bop? For the most part, yeah.

It's fine.

BabyTron - Case Dismissed
It's not good, but it's kinda funny.

Also party hat 🥳


Hello! I usually don't like to self-promote my stuff, but I feel very passionate about this review, so I'd love it if you gave it a shot:
I'm a lil behind on reading reviews and reviewing users' music, but I will get to them all eventually, I promise.
I should also mention that I don't think my score is that hot of a take, my general rule of thumb is that if my rating is within 15 points of the user score, it's not a hot take, and I generally base any exceptions I have off of rating distributions (0 or 100 bombing for instance would obviously make my score seem out of place).
I think I'll go with JAY-Z & Linkin Park's "Collision Course".

Critic Score: 43
User Score: 69
Personal Score: 81

A lot of critics acted like this was the worst thing they'd ever heard, and frankly I do not hear it. The only two tracks I can see as being "gracelessly" matched are "Izzo / In the End" and "Big Pimpin' / Papercut" when Linkin Park is playing over Jay-Z beats, it can be corny, but I can't hate on them too much because the original Jay-Z parts are still included and those are still amazing. And then the public at large agreed that "Numb / Encore" is awesome and it remains a classic to this day. The highlights are too strong for me to ignore and I can't imagine hating this project because of them even if I think some points are weak. It's not the greatest mashup album ever put to tape but I'd still say it's great.

As for the user score, it keeps increasing and I wouldn't doubt it if it eventually actually hits the green. The distribution is mostly in the 60-89 range.
Hey, I hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that my band’s EP, “Winter Break” is now out on all platforms!!! It’s in the alt punk genre (sorta lol). I appreciate if you end up giving it a shot, and if not no worries at all :) Here’s the AOTY link if you’re interested:
I can probably think of better examples, but one off the top of my head is Coldplay's 2015 album A Head Full of Dreams. It's an album that I've always personally loved and I thought it was a pretty well-received project before joining this site and seeing the scores here but apparently not. I think people hate it because it's gone heavily for the pop route, and strayed away from the qualities of Coldplay's earlier projects. I honestly love it though because I simply think it's good pop music, it has some of their best songs on there. The production and instrumentation are fantastic on it, the soundscapes are so colourful and lush, and it's just a beautiful and fun experience.

Also I'm sorry that I completely missed this, hope I'm not too late 😭
hey! i just finished my first long form review for 100 reviews, if you could check it out i'd highly appreciate it! thanks :)
Yerrr 🙏🙏🙏
If we do get it, that'll be a treat. That sounds about right. I assumed it was recorded around the time of Faces because of the demo versions of Uber and Color & Shapes exist on there. There's even a demo version of Smile that was released officially as the outro to Run-On Sentences Vol. 2 under his producer alias. When it comes to the track listing, I usually follow the Genius annotations. It should (possibly based on the leak from what I heard online) have 16 tracks in total That SoundCloud link thankfully has them all. Here's also the link to the album on AOTY:


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I like music and I like to write,
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