EDEN - no future
Feb 14, 2020 (updated Oct 7, 2020)
Ok so its been 3 months now that no future came out, fully digested the album and this is my final thoughts on this LP. It's kinda bland and stale but the potential is there. I like the ideas and the production on where its going, but i feel like it needs more work on it. EDEN was going for a new sound and a new style, which i appreciate the man has talent, but at the same time he lost some key factors on vertigo and i think you think too much of me.

The introduction track on this LP is probably the highlight on this LP. The luscious synths and the vocals are so beautiful, it put a high point on the album showing off what he can do. I can also say that good morning is probably his best song yet, if not top 3. it really is gorgeous and when i first listened to it i was floating on how well it is. but then after that track things starts to nosedive. I do like the interlude/side tracks (in, static, out) they do play a key factor in the album making it more cohesive and tied together (off track, static has so much potential to be its own song). But then you go to other songs like hertz, just saying, ????, tides, $treams and even parts of other tracks that just loses its taste. Most of these songs aren't that bad, but it feels underwhelming, unfinished, lost or off track. There's parts when EDEN tries to rap and it does not blend well with the songs. Some acronyms are annoying and some songs feels rushed. It's a mixed bag overall

My final thoughts on no future is this. It's a wanna be blonde. It had the potential and some tracks shine so much better than others, but the flaws of this album drags it down into the pit of forgotten.

Favorite Tracks: good morning, how to sleep, fomo, rushing, untitled.

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While I did say it's a wanna be blonde and stale, i still appreciate the aesthetic and the idea eden was making. I still feel like he could do a lot better and show us something extraordinary on his next project. but i still stand with most of these words i've said so ye
Feb 15, 2020
Shave it now
Feb 16, 2020
@Riskr it took me 2 years to grow out my hair man :<
Jul 20, 2020
This redux review is 100% understandable. But for now, I still really love this album. It definitely isn't the shining masterpiece you made it out to be in the first review, but I really enjoy it. even if calm down and hertz are some of the most uninspired songs ever.
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