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I have in my hand, my iPod Classic. This was not my first iPod, but it was my last. It still powers on. The volume/menu wheel still clicks. I do have another iPod Classic, it too is charged, but the backlight has failed so let's worry about it another day. The working iPod has 160 GB of storage. Selecting the 'Shuffle Songs' Option (quick sidebar: My favorite thing an Ex GF said of me was that she was 'So annoyed how I lived my life on shuffle') tells me that there are 22,520 songs on this bad boy. Filling up 143 of the 160 GB.

I intend to scroll through this iPod and capture what it was like for me musically back then. I remember transitioning to music streaming around 2015. Sure I had used Pandora and Spotify for years before, but 2015 was the year I made the plunge to stop pirating my music and start paying Google 8.99 a month to stream the same music. This iPod held on for a few months into the transition. Car trips and camping trips out of cell service, this iPod still provided the tunes. Yet as time wore on, the iPod came out less and less. Eventually stored in my extra AV equipment box only to be unearthed today, 8 years later.

It is hard to imagine my music taste changing that much in 8 years, but an initial glance of these playlists tells me that I have changed quite a bit. In this list I will compile what I was listening to and what was really shaping me sonically in the middle of the 10's.

The Beatles - Abbey Road
Starting off the list was Abbey Road. The Beatles are just one of those bands that you like have to like, ya know?
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