Loathe - I Let It in and It Took Everything
Feb 7, 2020
Loathe's debit, The Cold Sun, gained them a cult following in the metal community. Their enigmatic and unique approach to music stood out in an increasingly stagnant genre, and they showed a lot of promise. Following it up, it would have been easy to write another album of good heavy tracks. But instead, Loathe have produced something so wildly unique that I suspect it will be seen as their magnum opus, and an achievement of the genre as a whole.

I Let It In has a varied yet consistent soundscape. From the raw, primal aggressiveness of Gored, to the softer tones of A Sad Cartoon, everything here works with everything else. The djent-like riffs are still present, but mixed in with more melodic wall-of-sound, even shoegaze style sounds. It's an absolutely incredible experience, and such a wonderful evolution in sound that feels completely natural. The highlights of the album have to be the ethereal Two-Way Mirror, and the beautiful Is It Really You?. The clean vocals on display are stunningly presented, interwoven beautifully into the sonic landscape of this album, creating a raw and haunting sound. However, I would recommend listening to the album in full, as opposed to just checking out these tracks; part of what makes this album so wonderful is how much it embraces the album as an artform, and listening from start to finish is an absolute delight to behold.

The last time I listened to a second album that was so defining for a band, it was Muse's Origin of Symmetry. This is an album that not only is a strong contender for album of the year, but an album that I guarantee will inspire so many young musicians across the metal community. Kudos to Loathe.
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