Gal Costa - Gal Costa
Aug 21, 2023
A Portuguese psychedelic album, something I never thought I would come across, but upon seeing the album cover and learning that Gal sings in Portuguese, I had to check this album out and listen to it in full.

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by this album, Gal's incredible vocals alongside the warm, sunny instrumentation makes this an album suited for the summer. It just feels like warm summer evenings, and it has a very comforting atmosphere to it. A soft atmosphere that makes it such a pleasant album to listen to.

The album is incredibly atmospheric and lush, creating its own feelings with the music, Gal's incredible singing style and delivery makes this even more prevalent, and listening to her voice is absolutely mesmerizing.

Creating an incredibly fun and enjoyable listening experience "Gal Costa" is a somewhat hidden gem that more people need to hear. This should definitely be a "must hear", but it doesn't have enough ratings to qualify unfortunately.

This album has some English songs, but the majority of them are in Portuguese, it is a beautiful album with such incredible singing, Gal sounds amazing singing in both of the languages, and the English adds more songs that people who prefer English language music can listen to and appreciate in full.

The sound of this album is mesmerizing, absolutely mesmerizing. That psychedelic, Tropicália, artistic sound to it, the vocals and deliveries of lyrics, all of the instrumentation. It's a stunning and beautiful album with so much charm and warmth to it. One of the best albums of the 60s for sure, up there with Abbey Road and The Velvet Underground & Nico.

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