Weezer Announce New Album Van Weezer, Release “The End of the Game”
by Staff to Weezer
September 12, 2019
what the fuck

why is weezer still making shitty late 2000's emo anthem rock. please stop
Danny Brown Details New Album uknowhatimsayin¿, Shares New Song “Dirty Laundry”
by Staff to Danny Brown
September 5, 2019
incredibly fye. video is excellent
Watch Grimes’ Video for New Song “Violence”
by Staff to Grimes
September 5, 2019
banger fr fr
Swans announce new album ‘Leaving Meaning,’ share “It’s Coming It’s Real”
by Staff to Swans
September 5, 2019
big nut. sounds like Spiritualized in a great way.
Logic Announces New Album, Drops New Song
by Staff to Logic
March 20, 2019
i get it logic, your biracial, but was the blackface really necessary?
Pitchfork's 50 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time
by Staff
February 19, 2019
no garden state
Watch Car Seat Headrest Play New Song “Can’t Cool Me Down”
by Staff to Car Seat Headrest
February 19, 2019
new album when
Watch Lil Pump's Video for "Racks on Racks"
by Staff to Lil Pump
January 31, 2019
i just contracted adhd
Mac DeMarco Confirms New Album in 2019, Announces North American Tour
by Staff to Mac DeMarco
January 16, 2019
hes playing in big sur state park but tickets cost $300. oh well
Watch Animated Axl Rose Sing A New Song With Bugs Bunny
by Staff to Axl Rose
January 6, 2019
Lorde Accuses Kanye and Kid Cudi of “Stealing” Her Stage Design
by Staff to Lorde
November 13, 2018
he put lights on it though
Vampire Weekend’s New Album Coming in 2019
by gabbygee to Vampire Weekend
November 8, 2018
vampire weekend new album confirmed for never
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