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Airospace - sorry to bother you
So, I’m 18, and what a wild 18 years it has been. Life was and still is filled with many ups and downs and sometimes, it gets really tough. Hell, there were times where I didn’t even think I would make it to 18. I wanted to give up a lot because I thought I was alone, that nobody would understand what I was going through, that there was no way to experience the pain I was feeling. I almost took my life once, and thought about it often back then. I was alone, living in a new state ... read more

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Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale
Im giving this no rating as it is a deluxe album comprised of b-sides and throwaways from his cmiygl era, hopefully meaning he’s going in a new direction with a full album later this year. And while there are only 7 new tracks on this project, all of them fucking slap. You have the high energy tracks reminiscent of the first half of the og album like STUNTMAN and DOGTOOTH and the more laid back vibes of tracks like WHAT A DAY and WHARF TALK. And while if these songs were on the original ... read more
Tyler, The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY
Tyler needs to become a director already. This music video is insane, the song is also pretty great.
Bladee, ECCO2K & Thaiboy Digital - Trash Island
Bladey Discog Dive #6

Trash Island is the 2nd full Drain Gang collab album and actually has much more collabs than the mismatch of random tracks by artists that was on D&G and it feels like an actual album and less of just a compilation, which was my main problem with that LP. Tracks here are not only consistently high quality but they are also just straight up fun to listen to, which I think is important with any album. The instrumentals here also leveled up a really big amount, they ... read more

Open Mike Eagle - 4NML HSPTL
The King Of Art Rap #3

4NML HSPTL is a strange album, while it is his most experimental, it is somehow his least memorable to date. Outside of the three track run from HSPTL to Black Clouds, there's not much to this album. The songs past this aren't even that bad tbh, just kind of ok and passable. Unlike how Rappers Will Die Of Natural Causes was a good subversion and contrast between the intensity of the instrumentals and Mike's voice, in this album it just feels more repetitive and boring ... read more

Bladey Discog Dive #5

Score: 70 > 84

ICEDANCER is without a doubt the most popular Bladee album with iconic tracks such as Be Nice 2 Me and Side by Side, and when I originally listened to this album a few months ago I found it to be a pretty fine album that did get pretty annoying at times with it's strange mixing and weird vocal inflections, and while those statements remain true throughout parts of this album, bladee's style has grown on me throughout the months. I realize that even ... read more


Heya there Voolio! I have a new album out and would love to hear your thoughts on it! ^w^
https://hyperfollow.com/WonkyOddRhythmsSpasticTunes (This will show all the links where to listen to it)
hey voolio ol chum ol pal I’m making a list full of user’s most mid album, do you have a pick?
i hate that i feel obliged to rate this album now. why would you do this to someone

im not fucking subjecting myself to a Coldplay album on a work night but i did listen to the 43 second title track. it sounded like the intro to a christmas-themed comfy synth album, but in a bad way somehow? the buildup makes me dread the drop that it promises in at the beginning of the next track
Penis Pump
airospace in fav albums is BASED
ok I wanted to give you an album that isn't obvious must listen from within the Hip-Hop Genre & I also wanna kinda put you on & shout out some music from my part of the World. So I'm giving you Genesis Owusu - Smiling with No Teeth (Easily best Rap adjacent Album to come from my Country ever)
sure. give us a non hip-hop album that you think I might like. anything specific you want from me?
* brofists u *
you got >50 as greater than 50 in your bio is a mistake ? shouldnt ti be <50 is bad


they/him - nonbinary - 18 - gay - just a dude who likes music - goat of AOTY - mainly enjoys hip hop, r&b, and afrobeats/dancehall - open to all suggestions :) - my discord is: the one and only guy#0001

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