AC/DC - Power Up
Power Up
Nov 29

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vvvpavlic -
one of the greatest, and most misunderstood albums of all time. if you dont like this, you are a part of a hivemind incapable of having fun and these are the facts

weezer are an incredibly awkward pop rock band, there is virtually nothing else they are known for or good at other than selling out completely. and those albums where weezer sold out totally (like make believe or their most recent albums) are terrible, no doubt. but to lump this effort in with those records is misguided
nothing on ... read more

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vvvpavlic -
several of us in a music twitter groupchat called the "guapchat" made this album over the course of a couple weeks in a discord call while fucking around thinking it would be funny to try and make a silly cloud rap mixtape

just so people understand, this is an album not really made with the expectation that a wide audience would enjoy. there was no effort to mix or master let alone bring in any modicum of quality control. some people may end up finding the humour unfunny although it ... read more
vvvpavlic -
this is an album titled "death to false metal" by a band named maladroit and it's not even a meme bc it's from 2001 before either of those weezer albums were released. add on top of that the very strange cover and the fact that this album is essentially a breakbeat/power noise remix album of songs such as "paint it black" by the stones and "venus in furs" by the velvet underground and what you have is a very strange release. but nevertheless a very intriguing one. ... read more
vvvpavlic -
i initially felt like a lot of people that 2020 was a relatively mundane year for music. then i heard this album and im reminded why, though some years are certainly better than others, so long as you look far and hard enough you wont be disappointed

crywank are a hit or miss band for me but with the release of this, which is supposed to be their breakup album, none of that matters bc nothing else in their discography stacks up anyway close to this masterpiece. though i can definitely see the ... read more
vvvpavlic -
hypothesis: there is no good dad rock

evidence: led zeppelin, deep purple, van halen

counter-evidence: kick out the jams by mc5

conclusion: there is š˜“š˜°š˜®š˜¦ good dad rock
vvvpavlic -
finally... real rock is back in town...

peace out zoomers šŸ¤˜ šŸ¤˜ šŸ¤˜ šŸ¤˜ šŸ¤˜
Dec 8, 2020
Dec 8, 2020
Nov 27, 2020
glad to see the reviews are back and better than ever! I have a question after seeing your thoughts on the uncut gems soundtrack, what do you think of Chuck mperson's eccojams? to me that is easily lopatin's best work but I'm just not sure if you've heard it
Nov 21, 2020
What is this scale?
Nov 19, 2020
Thanks for the response, you've been added!
Nov 18, 2020
Hey, what do you think the most over hated album of 2020 is? (for a list)
Nov 9, 2020
rating scale is misunderstood genius
Nov 4, 2020
i dont know but please find out
Oct 30, 2020
flood rating omg that hurts
everything 30+ i at least like. it's a positive rating scale bc i choose to give more space to the albums i like on the scale to breathe. everything i think is bad, mid, indifferent, or maybe even like but just dont consider the album necessary i will just slap a 20 on. i dont hate music lol

rating new music only or stuff i have heard before but want to comment on
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