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Windy (^-^)
18 year old idiot (he/him) Finally finished with my Animal Collective discography dive! Please check out those reviews!!! <3 Feel free to talk to me at any time, leave a recommendation or really anything in a shout! <3 On a bit of a break right now. Will hopefully write more reviews soon lol. pfp from Witch Hat Atelier.
Hey, I’m Visbi. Thank you for visiting my profile! I love Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop, so feel free to leave suggestions in my shoutbox. I view my profile as a personal portfolio of music that I like/dislike. I hope that I can help you find at least one good album. Library is CD/Vinyl/Digital
Currently having passionate sex with a Pumpkin. Alex is the name, and wetting the bed over Charli XCX is the game. Pronouns are sick and awesome sauce. Essentially, I’m the Ye of AOTY. I’ll say I’m dropping a review and you won’t see it for years… oh and my reviews are rather large, just like your mother 🥴 Incoming Collaborations with: TomBejoy, Ryan.


AOTY July Playlist