Feb 21, 2020 (updated Feb 21, 2020)
on BTS' 74-FUCKING-MINUTES LONG kpop album, they start off strong with four memorable tracks... but other that, it spirals into a formulaic and uninspired mess, with every single song featuring basically the exact same basic trap beat. for some reason they also insist in basically spazzing out on the mic as a verse CONTINUOUSLY on the rest of the... 16 fucking tracks, are u kidding me???

i've already reviewed black swan; while it's bearable, it's essentially just a generic copy of a trippie redd song. easy on the ears, but anything worth noting? absolutely not lmao

i think "make it right" is one of the better kpop songs i've heard from any artist this past year (including 2019) - it features a fairly unique instrmental (at least for kpop) and is backed by solid singing and rapping performances by the members. but when the album's peak is within the first 15 minutes of the album, that's not really a good sign of things to come, is it?

filter sounds like a rejected korean song off of camila cabello's latin-pop influenced album, "romance." i will let you process that sentence, but like black swan it's still easy on the ears... but is it really going to be 12 more tracks of this shit? just straight up shameless copies of popular western(ish) pop music?

surprisingly the answer is no, but unfortunately it's obvious why they copied western artists in the first place - they completely ran out of fucking ideas! from track 10 onwards, rarely is a song is of interest - purely because you've already heard it in the the first half of the album! the only exceptions to this is "ON," but to be frank this, like many other songs on this album, lasts way too fucking long. some songs are genuinely better off short, but the producers evidently failed to acknowledge this. also, can i add that the interludes are both fucking cringe and last way too fucking long? like SHIT we get it u can rap, but there's literally NO variation to the flows whatsoever. like the rest of their songs, they use the EXACT same flows over a marginally different beat, but then change the vocal tones slightly.

it's literally just a fucking dick-measuring contest mid-album, where the members see who can rap faster and more obnoxiously - oh, and let's not forget that they STILL insist on spazzing out mid verse! spazzing out is only effective when you do it once on a song and when the moments are spread out in the album, if at all... not on every other fucking song! one might say it's ironic that i'm criticising a song ("UGH!") that talks about the criticism they receive online, but hey, heres a fucking tip: instead of RAPPING about it, why not actually read it and take the constructive criticism to develop a sound that isn't a trek to listen and subjecting new listeners to frequent moments of pure cancer across 74 minutes? it's like acknowledging you have issues but then going "haha so what though" like ????????

also UGH! samples greekgodx lmao

okay, now that i got that out of my system, let's address the rest of the album00:00 is actually one of the better tracks this album, because they actually try to stretch themselves vocally and - better yet - don't go spazzing out on the mic! props to whoever was in charge of this track. the same can be said for "inner child," however it's slightly verging onto "i've already heard this" category, and it sounds like something i'd hear on a fifa 13 soundtrack... that is a bad thing, because that was released in 2012 and we are currently in the year 2020. "friends" is something i'd hear on fifa 14

"moon" sounds like black swan's born-again christian cousin who listened to ed sheeran once and learnt how to use FL studio from youtube tutorials

"respect" is... like some terrible modern interpretation of boom bap music that should never been made or even considered for creation ever. autotune? really? why? lasts for too long as well btw

"we are bulletproof" could've been a good track if it wasn't for the fact they left it so late into the album where i had basically heard it a million times already. also another song that's TOO LONG! you might notice that i keep pointing these two things out - it gets tedious reading the same thing, doesn't it? now imagine listening to the same thing for a hour long

the outro is one of my favourite tracks, of there are few out of the 20, of the album. i love the trumpets, and best yet - a perfect length! they finally got it right! it only took 67 minutes! the final track is "on" again but with a feature from australian pop singer, sia. i think she just wanted the paycheck and clout of working with kpop which is HIP and COOL!!!! this is especially evident from the fact that she doesn't attempt anywhere near her vocal ability during the song.

overall, worth setting aside 74 minutes of your day? fuck no
Feb 23, 2020
What’s mid verse spazz
Feb 24, 2020
when they start strainly their voices weirdly to try and add emphasis on words
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