Dec 11, 2018*
The promotional strike surrounding this cheap Bon Iver/The Killers fusion remains incessant. Many people have mentioned the similitudes to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," and they weren't wrong. However, the tune is less developed here, not to mention the hideous vocal delivery and those obsolete synthesizers.

We're better off with Joel's song, and if you are looking for some good synthpop, there's a ton of stuff better than this.
Dec 2, 2018
Okay, fine. It's not bad, but the production feels mushy. The hook in the chorus is kind of weak, but Carly still has a lovely voice and that drum ruffle was a cool addition.
Dec 2, 2018*
The vocalist starts with a contrived imitation of Michael Gira before getting more throaty ("Forgive me, father!") after the addition of the percussion at 1:30 (what a long introduction!). However, the song doesn't go anywhere after that section despite being 5 min long, and the lack of a proper transition before the "surprise ending" bothers me so much...
Dec 2, 2018*
An obvious highlight from EMOTION. It features a cool saxophone and a pretty emotive chorus (the way she sings that "Baby, take me to the feeling/ Baby, every single minute" is fierce). The verses are okay, but the bridge is particularly atrocious with those "Oh Ooh Oh" before the last chorus.
Nov 30, 2018*
I like the way HANA sings "What will it take to make you capitulate?/Elevate the human race, putting makeup on my face", but the rest was kind of repetitive and boring. The hook's pretty lazy for a pop song and those riffs got old before the track started. It feels like a freaking long Rob Zombie song.
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