Madison Beer - Life Support
Mar 25, 2021
Madison Beer seems like such a small player in the group of pop stars on the fringe of the mainstream, and then you realise she has more Instagram Followers than Megan Thee Stallion, has been on the soundtrack to the biggest Esports game on the planet and has 15 million Spotify Listeners (at the time of writing). But then again can we be surprised how much she flies under the radar when she’s this derivative? Yes, I’m making the Ariana Grande comparison, no it’s not for any other reason than the music. The way this album presents itself is so Ariana it’s unfunny, from her similar vocal runs right through to the pop/RnB production that’ been so prominent in Grande’s recent work. But I don’t mind a bit of derivativeness if the music is quality, and it’s fine enough. I don’t think anyone was expecting much from this thing, and what we got is a totally competent pop record without an ounce of identity. This is not to say Madison is untalented, as I alluded to before she’s got the pipes, and her melodies are overall fairly strong but her lyricism plays into a lot of the tropes of this brand of TikTok ready pop. This is no clearer than when you look at the tracklisting and see only 7/17 songs break 3 minutes, and this means none of the songs have any time to develop and feel complete, leaving a lot of empty shells of songs. There are some good tracks here though, and they’re all above 3 mins (except the suprisingly distinct BOYSHIT), and although they’re nothing special they bop enough to keep me from losing hope that Madison can develop into someone more interesting in the future. The shorter songs aren’t bad though, but that’s mostly down to the expensive production and nice melodies rather than anything substantial. I also have no clue what she was going for on the outro and it was a jarring end to things. So yeah, this wasn’t bad for a completely disposable pop debut, but it is still a completely disposable pop debut.
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