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EDEN - no future
no future
Jul 21

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WatersUnfold -
:'( I'm not crying. You Are...

Frank Ocean's Blonde is easily one of my personal favourite albums to exist, and one of the albums that drags me back into it in any state of mind. These are words that i never in a million years thought would come out of me, When I was first listening to this. In Fact, My first listen of blonde was off-putting and boring, and I disliked the whole album. The album and the songs felt like they were dragged, yet was way too samey and skeletal for listening. The ... read more

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WatersUnfold -
Billie is back!

"Happier Than Ever" is the latest album from Singer Songwriter, Pop sensation, Billie Eillish. An Artist, who has had an interesting reception from different perspectives. Some think she is the quote "Deep music" artist, while some like to hate on her, by only listening to one song of hers. I personally, tend to like her previous record. It's a good Pop record, which I find quite compelling for a debut. I'm quite sure it will be considered a classic very ... read more
WatersUnfold -
"Reflections" is the latest EP by Electronic Duo from Bitbird, TWO LANES. Who have been known for their brand of chill, optimistic light production in some of their projects, and definitely have quite a bit of a fanbase for that.

This EP is short and tight with 7 tracks, which are crafted to be light, Feel Good and Vibey throughout, And it certainly achieves that aspect. The production is chill, laid back and is a consistent vibe throughout. The light bass, with very underneath ... read more
WatersUnfold -
Fuck you, I'm never coming again, No Thanks.

This might be the worst album of the decade so far, and is completely absymal from front to back, and it's intolerable. Before I review this.... Wait, there's nothing to "review" here, Since there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this record. It's almost like they wanted you to hate it and made it just to piss you off, and give you one hell of an unforgettable fucking journey through hell, That's gonna annoy and haunt you for a ... read more
WatersUnfold -

"Overgrown" is the sophomore Full Length LP from Music Producer, Singer Songwriter, Musician, Talent, James Blake. Someone who I've been a fan for a long time, and as he is hyping up a new release right now, What better time than this, to revisit his Discography?

Overgrown is most definitely not one of my favourite projects from him, But yet, it's really good. It takes a bit of a similar sonical direction to his, Fantastic self titled Debut, But the instrumentals and ... read more
WatersUnfold -

While easily the weakest of his trilogy of mixtapes, it's still a really good project. The dark eerie signature sound is well employed to a certain extent, and the tracks are really good, and the tracklisting has some highlights at places as well. It also has a really good flow and is a really cohesive project from front to back.

Tracks like Lonely Star, and Thursday are some of the highlights for sure, But the mixtape does lose its shine ans the tracklist progresses. The second half ... read more


Jul 29, 2021
Hello, wanna listen to music I made?
Jul 29, 2021
Jul 29, 2021
Jul 28, 2021
Jul 27, 2021
Jul 23, 2021
Although I rated it a 20, I do believe that I could appreciate some aspects of it. I thought the subject matter of the album was intriguing and definitely interesting, at times I also enjoyed the production!
Jul 21, 2021
Ik 😪 I honestly found it so boring, I couldn’t even finish it
Jul 17, 2021
Of course! Keep up the good work!
Jul 16, 2021
Thanks for following! I really appreciate it!


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