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wchoa -
This surprise EP drop was incredible! I know how vocal he is with his religion and beliefs, but making an entire EP for it was completely unexpected. I also heard he made this for 3 days only! This man is getting better and better and I feel that he's back in his game this time! His vocals and confidence in this really reminded me of his previous album, "Journals". I just wish he re-recorded Pray and put "Holy" in this EP instead of including in his album, ... read more
wchoa -
I really love the standard version of the album, but this deluxe one was unnecessary. Personally it felt so rushed as the album was just released recently and they could have waited for at least a month or two or longer before releasing an extended version of the album. The track, "I Can't Be Myself" with Jaden Smith was the only track that fitted the 80s inspired theme of the album. However, The tracks, "Name" & "Lifetime" stood out for me as well. It could ... read more
wchoa -
I really love the standard version of the album, but the deluxe one wasn't really it. I wish she could have released some of the tracks that were leaked & was rumored to be intended for this album especially the Normani featured track! The new added songs were okay, but unnecessary. The track, "Not My Problem" ruined the album for me.
wchoa -
Miley finally found herself in this album! I love the honesty, rawness and confidence she had in this album! I didn't expect her stepping out of the norm and releasing a Rock album out of nowhere! Can't Be Tamed teased us that she has so much potential with Rock and it took 10 years for her to finally release one! Best album of 2020!
wchoa -
On my first initial listen I didn't liked the album. It didn't immediately caught my attention until my 3rd initial listen. I appreciate the album more with headphones on. She really truly improve with her vocals in every album. Her vocals in this album is so incredible especially the adlibs in the background. However, I'm genuinely curious as why artists these days have their songs shorter than ever. Her songs in this album are mostly 2 minutes long which I find a bit cruel as some of the ... read more


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