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Apenas um amante de música. PS: I'm always looking to discover some exciting new artists, feel free to recomend some in my shoutbox ;)
Not a real review account, just shitposting 𝘀𝗵𝗲/𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆
Jay’s Taste Sucks
19. Just a guy who mostly just rates albums atm. Fav Genres: Midwest Emo, Indie Rock, Prog Rock/Metal, Black/Death Metal, Post-Hardcore, Jazz Rap, Conscious Hip Hop, Post Punk (revival or not), Alt Rock/Metal and Big Beat. Favorite Albums = Albums in my current rotation ❤ = I enjoyed the listen regardless even if it gets a bad rating Most of my ratings are outdated in the mist of changing them. I also like to make designs on the music I like if you want to check it out in my link
R.I.P. TROLL FACE. 2021-2023 he/him, brazilian, bassist, slowly becoming a metalhead (save me) anyways here's my rating system: 100 - WOWZA!! 94-99 - damn this goes hard 89-93 - amazing 80-88 - great 70-79 - good 60-69 - cool 50-59 - ok 40-49 - mid 30-39 - bad 20-29 awful 10-19 - godawful 1-9 - ok just stop 0 - kys (threatening)
Writing and reviewing whenever I feel like
Sup. I'm Romani. Professional idiot. Living off the 50 cents that I’ve made off my not-asked-for opinions and reviews on underground rap music (he/him) "i don't miss what the fuck would i be if i wasn't this"
27 year old music producer & vinyl enthusiast with an eclectic taste. I'm not a critic, I'm merely a fan of music who shares his thoughts on auditory juice. 1,000 followers?! Whaaaaaaat! ♥ Favourite Songs from 2022 (in release order): 100 - Masterpiece 🧡 95/99 - Outstanding 😍 90/94 - Incredible (on repeat) 🥰 80/89 - Great (🖤 'Liked') 🎆 70/79 - Good 🎧 60/69 - Decent 🤔 50/59 - Average 🤷 40/49 - Not Good 😒 30/39 - Bad 🤢 0/29 - Binned 🚮
20, he/him I love everything that everybody else loves and I hate everything that everybody else hates. Or vice versa. Library - CD collection. Rating scale: 0 - shit from tiktok etc. (really hate it all) 10 - DISGUSTANG 20 - Just awful 30 - Ugh, bad 40 - Nah, not good 50 - Um, whatever 60 - Welp, okay 70 - Oh, nice 80 - Wow, awesome! 90 - Big cup of tea with 4 tsp. of sugar 100 - my funeral soundtrack / personal essentials / extraterrestrial experiences P.S. alicore is my idol
Hungarian 21 year old music fan Suma's gay son 🌈 He/him Cat faction arc My boyfriend's AOTY page: TheBassSlap If I'm rating hundreds of stuff a day, I'm probably rating stuff I already heard in the last ten years I made a Discord account: lonelyhiphopfan
Nervous Young Inhuman
he/him 15 years old Mediocre writer at best My top 3 albums are Kid A, In Rainbows, and OK Computer. I just didn't add all 3 of them to show more variety of my taste in music
library = planning on listening feel free to suggest albums in my shoutbox
Sometimes I put effort into my reviews here and sometimes I don't
17 / he/him Recommendations are always appreciated! Feel free to add me on Discord! Benji#9000 / b.enji The only genre that I can find hard to like is Country My Lastfm account is
Names Harrison. Yuki Tsunoda enthusiast Instagram - Harrisonrichards04 Basically just listening to absolutely anything, whatever I come across tbf even if it’s shite. I have no clue what my rating scale means something like 0 - shitest 100 - perfection
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welcome to my music critic and free time. I'm good. Live ur life ;)
Starting anew! We got off on the wrong foot...(16, She/Her) I'm from Kentucky! ✨(✿◠‿◠)✨ I used RYM for about 2 years but the community was too toxic for me so I'm trying some other music rating websites! I hope to be accepted here ❤️ ✨(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ✨ I've heard over 3,000 albums! But I won't be rating them all here 🥺 (▰˘◡˘▰) ♡ ♥ I rate based on the vibe ♡ ♥ 100 = 🤯 90 = 🥵 80 = 😩 70 = 😍 60 = 🙂 50 = 😐 40 = 😕 30 = ☹️ 20 = 😡 10 = 🤬 0 = 👺
21/yo he/him (I re-rate alot)
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! I also have a twin account where I rate only singles (Manfre93Singles): Finally, my library contains albums that I should listen to. Please feel free to recommend albums that I should listen to!
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! This is the twin account of AndreManfre93, I use this only to rate singles :) This is the other account where I rate everything else (LP, compilations, live albums, soundtracks): Finally, my library contains singles that I should listen to. Please feel free to recommend songs that I should listen to!
Nome: Lucas Idade: 21 Seja bem vindo(a) ao meu perfil do AOTY. Gosto muito de ouvir músicas de diversos gêneros, reviews baseadas em gosto pessoal, espero que gostem 😊. Eu também avalio faixas bônus. Welcome to my AOTY account, I like to listen diverses types of music, my reviews are based in my personal taste of music, I hope you like it 😊. I also rate bonus tracks on my reviews. Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift and Björk Obg pelos 900 seguidores / Thank U for 900 followers ❤
I listen to pretty much everything.
dua lipa stan acc
100 - Absolute favorites 90 - Wow. 80 - Loved it! 70 - i really liked it! 60 - Mostly enjoyable, but with considerable flaws 50 - Listenable, but not great in any aspect 40 to 0 are varying levels of bad 18y
98-100: Perfeito, uma obra de arte. 95-97: Praticamente sem defeitos. 90-93 Fantástico, viciante. 80-87: Ótimo, quase perfeito. 70-77: Bom. 60-67: Aceitável, esquecível. 50-57: Mediano, 20-47: Ruim ou genérico pra caramba. 10-17: Péssimo, 0-09: Inaudível. - Não sou crítico, mas gosto de avaliar as musicas de acordo com o que sinto ouvindo, a nota vem de forma justa (maybe). (as vezes escrevo coisas que nem eu entendo)
CHECK OUT MY REVIEW on "And Then You Pray For Me” He/Him Hey I’m Manos! I love listening, reviewing and talking about music On my reviews I tend to speak on each track individually while also always giving my interpretation of the album's concept I usually don't rate records that I don't enjoy My rating system for albums—> 100: Absolutely Essential 90+: Phenomenal 80+: Amazing 75: Great 65-70: Good 55-60: Alright - Decent 0-50: Trash - Mediocre
Graduando em Letras, 22 anos. Crítico, colunista e redator no site Jornal 140/VIUU. Editor e curador do Aquele Tuim, primeira newsletter brasileira de música alternativa/experimental| 🇧🇷 • rym: • letterboxd: • aquele tuim:
100: my personal favourite 95-99: perfect 90-94: great 80-89:good 70-79: nice 69-50: average 20-49: bad 0-19: garbage :(
No. my taste in music is not terrible Sorry for the grammatical mistakes btw. Not very fluent in English 90-100: masterpiece 80-89: great 70-79: good 60-69: not bad 50-59: meh 40-49: not good 30-39: bad 20-29: laughably bad 10-19: oh no what are they doing? 0-9: not music.⚠ All time favorite artists: radiohead, pink floyd, leonard cohen, linkin park, system of a down, metallica, kendrick lamar, MF DOOM, godspeed you! Black emperor, tool, nirvana, smashing pumpkins
I'm @/accidental_indie_memes on Instagram I'm so famous. I followed everyone like back in 2021 cuz I was bored and wanted to look famous like also sorry my ratings r so over the place.
25 yo "10 is not perfect. A 10 is an album that transcends it's own flaws." - me
I enjoy reviewing music occasionally.
I'm in the realm of music Thank You for keeping in touch- 300 followers💗💗💛💚
Im just a fancy frog with a fancy taste in music. Thank you everyone for 900 followers!!!
“lo único que quiero” OUT NOW any pronouns // 20 always open to feedback, recommendations & self-promo ;) tmb hablo español y portugués ig: @nathanaskenazi & @shor3wood discord: nathanasten#2561
Windy (^-^)
20yo idiot (any pronoun), Big Thief stan, in a subspace bar Feel free to talk to me at any time, leave a recommendation or really anything in a shout! <3 Check out my Black Metal Journey list!!! And my other lists!!! ♡゚・。。・゚♡゚・。❤。・゚♡゚・。❤ ●ŁØV€ ĆØŇΩỮ€ŘŞ ΔŁŁ, ΔŇĐ Ŵ€ ŴIŁŁ ĆØŇΩỮ€Ř Ħ€Ř PØŴ€Ř. VIŘGIŁ ĐΔŇŦ€ ĐIVIŇ€ ĆØΜ€Đ¥ ◆━━━━━━━▣✦▣━━━━━━━━◆ ■■■■■100%♡゚・。。・゚♡゚・。♥。・゚♥ ●ŁØV€ ҜŇØŴŞ Ň€IŦĦ€Ř PŘIĆ€ ŇØŘ PŘIĆ€. €ŘIĆĦ ΜΔŘIΔ Ř€ΜΔŘΩỮ€
Follow my YouTube channel for more reviews. More or less stick to Electronic/Hip Hop.
Thanks for 400 followers omg! 💚💚 Library is vinyl collection
I make playlists titled "The Best Of" or album reissues on spotify (check my link and suggest). Sometimes I do some revisits and review what caught my attention. I'm more into Alternative/Pop/Rock/R&B music than other genres, no matter the language. I listen to the more commercial music but you can recommend me music/artists I could probably like:)
He/Him Fav artist atm: JPEGMAFIA ❤️ I like movies too (sorta active?) My ratings/lists aren’t that accurate, I listen to whatever I want (usually good music) 10: MASTERPIECE 9.5-9.9: Must Listen 9.0-9.4: Phenomenal 8.5-8.9: Amazing 8.0-8.4: Great 7.5-7.9: Really Good 6.0-7.4: Good 5.0-6.0: Meh 4.0-4.9: Not Good 3.0-3.9: Bad 2.0-2.9: TRASH 1.0-1.9: Cursed 0.0-0.9: THË ŠHÅDØW RĘÅŁM star on track in a review = favs out of best listed
weezer Please follow my twitter @onlyindreams94
Lover of all things music, putting forth my honest opinions for albums I love, hate, and everything in between. Let me know what you think about an album I review whether you agree or disagree. This is a place for debate, not hate, and feel free to give a follow if you like what I have to say. 100= Classic 90-99= Among the best of the year 80-89= Great 70-79= Pretty Good 60-69= Meh 50-59= Not worth your time 40-49= Among the worst of the year 30-0= They wanted this to be bad, didn't they?
smooth brain, smooth life
Vespertwink 3d Your acc is pretty inactive, and thank god for that

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