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WhatTheFunk -
Astral Sleep

It was during a trip to Marseille. At the dream time of the 1€ Megabus, before the Macronbus (of our dearest president) came to buy them and put an end to the improbable offers that my girlfriend and I used, on one hand to see each other, on the other hand to travel, for almost nothing, that is to say enough not to damage our student wallets. We had therefore decided to survive an overnight trip from Paris to Marseille, with a stopover in Lyon. We arrived in Marseille at ... read more

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WhatTheFunk -
Once upon a time, there was a little girl blue.

Eunice Waymon, born in 1933 in Tyron, North Carolina, into a large family. A precocious pianist, she played at the local church from a very young age. But already, segregation and racism hit her in the heart. Whether it is by the prohibition for her parents to sit at her recital, or by the railroad tracks separating the two parts of the city. The two "races". She crosses this track every day for her piano lessons at Miss Mazy's. Like a ... read more
WhatTheFunk -

Holy shit, this record is bloodcurdling from start to finish ! I know this collection of old Japanese temple music is supposed to be "Zen" (it's in the title, by the way)... but I don't know... it sounds like the background of a small, spooky village, in the middle of the night, while yōkai (malevolent Japanese demons, with physical attributes relating to both humans and animals) kidnap and devour children under the ghostly moon... Notorious cultural ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
בלתי יאומן

When we talk about "the best jazz bands in the world", we inevitably think of Miles Davis' first and second great quintets. We also think of the John Coltrane Quartet, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Pat Metheny Group (for those who like 80's jazz, deal with it).... And more recently, we can think of Masada. The quartet of John Zorn (alto sax), which blithely blends Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz , Post-Bop and Klezmer music. For this ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
Quarantine Hike

Who among you has never strained his ear in the middle of summer to listen carefully to the song of crickets and grasshoppers? Who hasn't listened to the springtime dialogues of the birds? For the urban ear, most of Mother Nature's sounds are all too often just fantasies. To draw attention to the trivial, to make audible what the human eye cannot see thanks to the microphone, this eye eager to see everything, to tell a brief story of the dialogue between the world of the city ... read more
WhatTheFunk -

This one comes from the Earth... From its misty forests where dreams come to life, from its gently flowing streams, from its thousand sources that feed them, from its unusual paths that an unholy nature offers to travellers entering its bosom, from its venerable trees that have seen the centuries pass by, from the soil itself, from the roots that cling to it, from the humus, from the bedrock... with this anachronistic medieval village lost at the end of a vaporous marsh. But ... read more


Sep 29, 2021
hey nice new pfp
Sep 27, 2021
thanks for the follow :)
Aug 23, 2021
I'm bored and so decided to make another community list; this time,

What is a record you believe has defined its genre albeit through exemplifying its sound, shaping said genre, or has established said genre in popularity and/or existence, and why?
Aug 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list where, judging by AOTY user's individual top ten albums, I'm compiling a ranked community top 100. I'd love it if you could contribute by just replying with your top ten ranked from 1-10; I'm totally fine with being redirected to a ranked favourites list of sorts, if that's what you'd prefer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and replying, if you do
Aug 20, 2021
Hi! I’m starting a list of AOTY’s most overrated albums; what’s an album you consider extremely overrated?
Jul 19, 2021
What is your favorite album from each year, 2001-2021.
Jul 4, 2021
Hey, hope you’re doing well! Got a question for a list, what’s your favourite Tyler The Creator song?
Jun 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list and I'd love to know which album has had the greatest influence on your current taste in music? If you want, I'd also appreciate it if you could say exactly how it's made you grow/learn more as a listener (don't worry, you don't have to do this part).

Thank you for reading and answering, if you do
Jun 8, 2021
frog eater
May 13, 2021
What inspired that dystopia review....holy cow...


aka Mathieux 🕶

WhatTheFunk ? who is this frog-eater coming from another dimension who, armed only with his magic coat rack (nicknamed "Rico") fights alone against the terrifying pharaoh-vampires, the evil flesh-eating bath mats and their Nazi-Communist allies?! Who is hiding behind the glasses of this hero who defends orphans, pandas and heel fetishists?! Is he a millionaire, a pyromaniac, a fireman or an underpaid sweeper in a Yugoslavian laundry? So many questions and yet so few answers...

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