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Travis Scott - UTOPIA
Travis Scott
Jul 28, 2023
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Primal Prayer
Primal Prayer
Jul 28, 2023

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Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
"It was first a study. I wrote silences, nights, I noted down the inexpressible. I arrested dizzy falls."

Arthur Rimbaud (A Season in Hell, 1873)

Talk Talk's latest album is a mystery. I hesitated for a long time before I started to write this clumsy review... After all, if there is ONE record whose music is self-sufficient... if there is one album that can work without words about it, it is "Laughing Stock". In front of this aerial and vaporous monument, we can logically ... read more

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Milton Nascimento - Milagre dos Peixes
Amazonian nightmare.

A shamanic journey in the psychedelic night jungle. A thick fog of various suspended euphoria. The saudade on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Deep sadness and attempt of escape from a dictatorship of the words and the ideas (the album will be stripped of practically all its words to allow its release) through a destructured, abundant, hazy, nocturnal music, agitated by a celestial wind. A work which in spite of its sometimes maximalist side, breathes in the canicular and ... read more

Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
It's from the Chaos that stars are born.

She got me good, Natalie. While I thought, like her, that "Titanic Rising" would be unbeatable and could never have a sequel to match, she comes back with "And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow", the second part of an aquatic triptych that allows her words and her majestic melodies to take their full extent in a wave of psych-dreamy pop. In almost four years of gestation, the American did not mondanize on social networks. She has read ... read more

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Bad and Beautiful
More "beautiful" than "bad".

Do not trust the release date! We are not here in the groovy-interstellar side of Mr. Ra which is characteristic of his 70s period. It is rather an archival recorded in 1961. Early Ra then, from the period when our crazy merryman still had both feet a little stowed on our good old Earth. It is a very mellow album, very accessible and very melodic; with nevertheless these small oblique and surreal touches which make us realize that we are not ... read more

Jim O'Rourke - I'm Happy, and I'm Singing, and a 1, 2, 3, 4
This makes me want to dance like a toddler...

You never know exactly what you're going to listen when you put a Jimmy record in the CD player or on the turntable. Primitivist folk in the Fahey style? Musique concrète à la Parmegiani (Bernard Parmesan for those in the know) ? Kraut-ambient à la Cluster ? Experimental reconstruction of a certain sweet FM pop from the 60s/70s like Steely Dan meets Burt Bacharach meets Beach Boys? A mixture of all this at the same time? ... read more

King Crimson - The Great Deceiver
Long live the King!

This box set is a bit like Heaven (or Hell, we agree) for any self-respecting music lover. It is the Eden for any fan of the King... and we agree on this point; I do not speak about the post-senile King Charles III but well of the Purple King. King Crimson, despite the undeniable quality of their studio productions, has always been a live band before anything else. It is in front of the public (in a context of total and unfettered sound creation) that they have always ... read more


who's the artist who painted your pfp?
After that, the list will be gradually added to, a bit like RYM's "featured reviews" on the front page. So if you're interested, please shoutout 4x AOTY review links, including at least 1 from you and 1 from another user. (Reminder: minimum 3,000 characters). Finally, if you don't want to be included in this list because another user has chosen you, please let me know.
In parallel, I have just published my second review of my new series "No Sleep on This: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/album/20799-from-a-compound-eye/
and my list has just been published: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/doublez/list/182368/no-sleep-on-this/
Thank you in advance for your support. Love
Hey buddy
I hope you're well! Voila, I'm launching a new list of communities that I'm offering you to participate in (if you want to, of course). This is the first wave and I've thought of you for the launch. To pay tribute to all the enthusiasts of this site, "Long Reviews - AOTY Guide" will group together all the reviews of over 3000 characters (minimum) that users wish to highlight because they are particularly proud or fans (Regardless of publication date). The aim is to give priority to writing, without underestimating oneself, as the list will above all be a place for sharing, with everyone having a place here. You'll have several choices: either submit your own reviews, and/or submit those of others. In the interests of sharing, we'll initially try to limit the number of reviews appearing on the list. For example, it won't be possible to have more than 2 reviews included per user. To continue..
hey !!! my best friend just dropped a single and i did the cover art. would be great if you could check it out if you’re into lo-fi/indie folk stuff!!


heyy mathieux! i released a new single and I'd really appreciate if you listened to It :) You can rate it here in AOTY so I know what I can improve, thank you so much

welcome back :)
welcome back for the short time you're here!
i really like your reviews!
A well deserved 1000 followers one of if not the best account on the site
Helllo my friend! I just released my first ever project, and I would be very happy if you'd listen to it!
(The lyrics are in hebrew so it's a little confusing)



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