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Chance The Rapper - The Big Day
Jul 30, 2019 (updated Jul 31, 2019)
This album is a mess. Still, I'm ashamed to say it, but Chance The Rapper was one of my favorite rappers when he released "10 Days" and "Acid Rap", even "Coloring Book" was cool. At the time Chance represented to me one of the friendliest rappers. In "The Big Day", the songs are all mediocre to very bad, only the first two songs are tolerable.The most disturbing part is perhaps the decrease in the quality of the production of its mixtapes. This album is littered with generic trap instruments that are not suitable for Chance at all. It's an album that completely changed my vision of Chance as an artist. I am shocked that this man who has shown such an emotional passion and is also creative about his sound has managed to release one of the best-selling and most virgin albums of the year. The man who said "Fuck Label, we are here for the music" made an album that I would expect to see made by a management committee of major labels, for the sole purpose of generating a profit as important as possible. That's why, even though this album is not the worst musically, it is perhaps the most disappointing album of this year.

Best tracks: "Do You Remember", "All Day Long".

Worst track: "Hot Shower"

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I hope you give this a 2nd Chance 😉 as a Chance fan I get why you feel this way. But don’t receive this as a chance proj like Acid Rap. Listen to this as a celebration of his wife, family, and overall happiness. He went from Xanax addictions to this, it’s really been a remarkable discography so far. Also read w the lyrics to some songs he still provides Chance like bars and lines. Imo
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