Hobo Johnson - The Fall of Hobo Johnson
Oct 7, 2019 (updated Oct 9, 2019)
"This is self-pity and marketed depression for degenerate teenagers from the the upper class and associative cryptopedophiles"

You can think that this sentence sums up "The Fall of Hobo Johnson". But, personally, I cannot believe the backlash this album has received in recent days. Frank "Hobo Johnson" Lopez left a repulsive first impression when he came on stage, his album "The Rise of Hobo Johnson" was really very bad, at the limit of the listenable. It lacked consistency and seemed cheap. On the other hand, this project is a completely different album.

First of all the production, the beats are absolutely great! The arrangements of this project sound like the best production Ryan Lewis has ever composed for Macklemore, mixed with some really strange instrumental music you might find on a noise rock record. The album goes from the deafening guitars of "Typical Story" to the melancholic horns on "Ugly Kid", through the sneaky groove of "Subaru Crosstrek XV", to its usual sound on "Happiness" and on "February 15th" without appearing disconnected. Yes, this production is very original, even eccentric.

First of all, Hobo Johnson is not an incel, far from it. He doesn't hate women. He doesn't think women have no right to refuse sex. All he does on this album is explore the loneliness he feels. His loneliness, knowing that he is very conscious of his own defects. He is still as open and clumsy as ever, but he works better than ever, because he deals with more subjects than girls. His way of looking at life, and his disturbed problems, will make you feel tender and entertained. Well... you probably think his flow is weird. But I even hesitate to call it a flow. Actually, I don't think it's hip hop. Don't expect some kind of coherent rhythm or rhyme pattern; Johnson just does what he wants to express himself.

This album is incredibly personal, honest and cathartic. Apart from the fact that the explosiveness of the album is not constant, I really think the album is incredible. This is a huge step forward for Frank and I hope he will continue to develop his skills, as he did for this album. Listen to this album, you might be surprised whether you like it or not.

Best tracks: "Typical Story", "Sorry, My Dear", "Mover Awayer", "You & the Cockroach", "Ugly Kid (feat. Elohim)", "Subaru Crosstrek XV", "Ode To Justin Bieber (feat. Jack Shoot & JMSEY)".

Worst track: "Moonlight"
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