Poppy - I Disagree
Jan 10, 2020 (updated Jan 12, 2020)
Your Poppy evolved into... Metally!

Wow... BabyMetal's Kawaii Metal style seems to make more and more disciples even outside Japan! After two albums with electro-pop tendencies, the mysterious American singer Poppy is now making the game even stronger with her third album, "I Disagree", by adding big badass guitar riffs to her soft bubblegum pop lullabies.

Discovered on the Internet in 2013 through very intriguing videos where one could wonder whether she was a cyborg or a real young woman, Poppy quickly became a real viral phenomenon. Far from being a simple Idol manipulated by a behind-the-scenes producer, she is in fact a true all-round artist who has been able to develop her own universe with the help of the producer Titanic Sinclair. If these last two albums were sometimes leaning towards Dark Pop, it's quite naturally that Poppy chose to integrate Metal elements in her third record after having collaborated with the band Fever 333 on the single "Scary Mask".

You'll get a whiplash between candy-pink pop and frightening dark metal on the opening track "Concrete". Poppy quickly establishes her own improbable and extreme codes on which this album will play. It's clear that she doesn't do these metal/pop hybrid things for the buzz anymore, and that they are real musical compositions with clearly thought-out melodies and production choices. The highlight of the album for me is undeniably "BLOODMONEY", which shows us a Poppy who continues to experiment with an increasingly industrial and glitchy production style, the flaming and shimmering guitars and the pounding synths in the last third of the song are absolutely fabulous and are perhaps the beginnings of a new important sound for the 2020s.

After a flawless opening with four absolutely brilliant tracks, "Fill the Crown" is less able to make its different components sound like one piece. In fact, tracks 1 to 5 were all released as singles. I'm not saying that every song Poppy releases has to have this kind of commercial viability on its own, but there is a noticeable drop in the album's ability to intrigue me during tracks 6 to 10. "Sit / Stay" is nonetheless distinguished by a violent and agitated approach to pop, while 'Bite Your Teeth' is clearly one of the worst songs Poppy has ever released. The ballad "Sick of the Sun" sounds nice, but it's a conventionally disappointing way to fill an album. The final track "Don't Go Outside" is much more satisfying, reminding me of a 90s Britpop ballad supported by a Nine Inch Nails type production.

To conclude, "I Disagree" is a well produced and very enjoyable album, with some really strong singles that I'm sure I'll come back to. Unfortunately, there are still some flaws, especially on the second half of the album. This record is nevertheless one of the first "must listen" of 2020, which shows us the undeniable potential of Poppy's new sound.

Best tracks: "Bloodmoney", "I Disagree", "Concrete", "Anything Like Me", "Don't Go Outside".

Worst track: "Bite Your Teeth"
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Jan 10, 2020
CORRECTION: FEVER 333 was on "Scary Mask" from the Choke EP she put out earlier last year, not "X." "X" was just a solo cut.
Jan 10, 2020
Jan 11, 2020
@AdienLenhart Oh sorry, I'll correct it right away! Thank you very much for that little correction!
Jan 28, 2020
what a low score for such a positive review. Yes it's critical but you still give the album a lot of praise. I think your criticism are worth not more than 30 points drop. More if you may, but not so much to go under 60. I review your review a 52/100
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