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Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race
Dec 1, 2019 (updated Dec 1, 2019)
The Alien Wasteland Calls To Me.

If you are a Death Metal fan, you must have heard of Blood Incantation. With their debut album "Starspawn", this Denver-based band have imposed their style with epileptic blast beats and hypnotic tapping, creating a merciless cosmic atmosphere. Tortuous, wild, and yet so epic and groovy, the band has managed to get everyone to agree in the Death Metal world. The quartet says they do "Mind Bending and Cosmic Death Metal", understand by that, that the band just wants to make its Death Metal recipe; not Brutal, not Prog, not Tech, not Slam, it is the Denver, Colorado Death Metal. The kind of Death Metal that manages to make you dream of a distant, hostile galaxy, with light and airy passages, but that will bring you back to your inferior human condition with a frenetic and pachydermic savagery. Blood Incantation left us with an extremely promising record. It is 3 years later that the band decides to release their sophomore album, and if the fear of a potential disappointment is present before the first listening, the joy of knowing that a sequel is on the way clearly prevails.

And it is with undeniable joy that I announce, if you loved "Starspawn", you should love "Hidden History Of The Human Race" even more. Without any hesitation. Because everything the band did in their rookie album, "Hidden History Of The Human Race" does it better. The first change is tracklisting. Where the previous album was split into 5 tracks for a length of 35 minutes, this second album contains only 4 tracks (including an instrumental track, and a river track of 18 minutes), for a length of 36 minutes. Where we thought we were getting ripped off, we finally got some extra. As far as the sound is concerned, we stay on the same footing as the previous album, a massive and cavernous sound, giving pride of place to each instrument, whether in the angry parts, or in the air passages. The compositions are always convoluted and winding. Anyway, what could have changed, so that this album would be better?

In a word: skill.

From beginning to end, the Denver-based band will show a childish ease in producing complex compositions, each more convoluted than the next, all of which perfectly illustrate the band's universe. From the opening with "Slave Species Of The Gods", the band asserts its heavy and epic rhythms, to finally take them away from us, blasting us in the head on a hallucinated riffing. And that's how it is all along the track, the band will offer you explosive riffs with roaring bass lines. Far be it from me to do a "track by track" review, but realize, the whole album is full of little details that are not audible at the first listen. The first 2 tracks are clearly the most classic thing Blood Incantation can do. And again, the bridge of "The Giza Power Plant" is frankly unexpected. This bridge is undoubtedly a pivotal moment of the album, the band transforming these long oriental minutes in their own way to create a haunting atmosphere without bothering the Death Metal fan eager for strong sensations.

On the other hand, it is on the last 2 tracks that the band surprises the most. A first (almost) instrumental track that I would not spoil you, and that I encourage you to go and listen urgently, illustrating the feeling of implacability that the band can create. And a last monstrous track of 18 minutes, which clearly shows all the writing and composition talent of the band. In 18 minutes, it can be easy to ruin the piece. But as they have already proven with "Vitrification Of Blood, Pt 1" in "Starspawn", the Denver-based group indecently make 18 minutes of a hallucinated Death Metal that Lovecraft would take over.

I could write a lot more on this album, but you already have understood the idea. "Hidden History Of The Human Race" is a success on all levels. I deliberately shortened this review so that you would discover for yourself this second Dantean part, and these final notes that I would describe, without shaking my knees, as resplendent. Yes, even that they are able to do it. Anyway, maybe I aimed high with the note, but I take full responsibility. It must be said that, already when "Starspawn" was released, we heard that it was already one of the best Death Metal releases of the last decade, and even an extremely refreshing album in the Metal sphere. Today with "Hidden History Of The Human Race", Blood Incantation is clearly one of the most talented and fresh Death Metal bands of the last 10 to 15 years. Can we say that it is a classic? I don't know, we'll see in 10 years. A bright future is opening for Denver, and for all Death Metal fans around the world.

Best tracks: "Awakening From the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)", "Giza Power Plant", "Slave Species of the Gods", "Inner Paths (To Outer Space)".

Worst track: ...uh...
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