Cyne - Evolution Fight
Mar 24, 2019
It's really cool to be able to discover fantastic albums thanks to AOTY, it's PreeMo who advised me "Evolution Fight" by Cyne. It's a fairly classic boom-bap album really inspired by Nujabes (one of my favorite producers). The productions are really successful. The two beatmakers of the Floridian group, Speck and Enoch build a refreshing and luminous sound. The different sound loops built with samples or live instruments are incredibly effective. Like The Roots or the Algorithm trio, Cyne plays the different movements of American black music in the background, to better capture the listener with a peacefully percussive flow. In terms of words, if we find some inevitable clichés, we appreciate that the group is interested, at other times, in more concrete social considerations: "While on a quest for green / I'm trying to pay the Rent / Still I'm trying to make a Dollar out of what makes sense ("Evolution Fight"), "I was born free but now I'm like a Slave to Society" (Rousseau), the satirical self-description of the modern automaton man ("Clever Ringtones define me") or the denunciation of religious hypocrisy (Deffered). Very good record, "Evolution Fight" proves to be appreciable for the hiphopheads and people who want to chill.
Best track: "Soapbox"
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Mar 24, 2019
W; this is a strong review...
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