Richard Dawson - Peasant
Sep 14, 2019 (updated Sep 16, 2019)
My eyelids are closed. A delicate thread of soothing brass wraps my eardrums tenderly, bringing to my foggy consciousness the promise of a peaceful awakening. I can not stretch my limbs, I will break the charm of this sweet music.

I frown. A trumpet stumbled, dragging the entire orchestra. The flow of sweetness has changed into a strangled gurgling. I feel like the victim of a morning joke, I open my eyes. Around me, my room has become a creepy forest, the comfortable material under my butt is no longer my mattress but a thick layer of mud, next to me, my girlfriend is transformed into strange characters. Among them I recognize a soldier, frail in his armor, a weary girl, a beggar clutching a tuft of brown hair in his trembling hand... I can not stay longer to stare at this strange medieval carnival, because I hear a diabolical racket beyond the forest.
I am standing in the mud, without boots, contemplating a huge mechanical creature made of branch, dead leaves, dirty hair, rusty iron, erect feathers... At each step, its structure cracks , suggesting senseless and heartbreaking melodies. Sitting atop the beast, a man with a chubby face stares at me with a strange childish look.

I slept badly that night. I think I was caught in the dream of Sir Richard Dawson - the man on the creature. 15 centuries in the past, in the kingdom of Bryneich, in the north of England, during the "dark age", era of the obscurantism, full of lost legends. This dream was an album, "Peasant" by Richard Dawson.

In this dream, the troubadour Richard will stop at nothing. Accompanied by his comrades, Sir. Richard places our ears in the bowels of each instrument. The strings sizzle, the woods moan and crack, the percussions seem to be struck with the hand, even the harp seems threatening. Here, the false notes are kept as precious witnesses of the humanity of their creators. The lyrics tell the story of a community with the point of view of nine characters. The portraits are raw, ruthless, but we feel tenderness for his characters. You could discern the militant spirit, this album is a committed reaction to the Brexit and more generally a critic of the individualism in our society.

It's time to wake up. I take a last look at the unusual characters. I would have laughed and cried with them. They kept me warm. Richard is already gone riding his amazing creature, but maybe I do not need him anymore.

Best tracks: "Ogre", "Weaver", "Soldier", "Scientist", "Masseuse", "Beggar", "Shapeshifter", "Prostitute".

Worst track: ...uh...
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Sep 16, 2019
This is an amazing review. Thank you for sharing your words on this.
Sep 16, 2019
The only thing, you put "Pleasant" as the album name, but I don't disagree in some instances lol
Sep 16, 2019
@marmaladejacket Thank you! I correct this error. I think it was a typo ... or maybe a slip of the tongue. idk.
Sep 17, 2019
Epic review man 10/10!!
Sep 17, 2019
@thejacktackshac Thank you, man!
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