Hermit and the Recluse - Orpheus vs. the Sirens
Ka explores different themes theough his albums. After the chess on "The Night's Gambit", the book "The Manchurian Candidate" on "Days with Dr. Yen Lo", then the samurai with "Honor Killed The Samurai", he now turns to Greek mythology with "Orpheus vs. The Sirens ". Thus each title of the project refers to a character or a famous passage of mythology: Hades, Sisyphus, Oedipus ... As usual, the Brooklyn MC expresses his experience on each piece, talking about his growing up as a teenager in New York devastated by crack and crime. Thus, Ka compares to Orpheus. Ka joined the Animoss beatmaker to form the Hermit & The Recluse duo. Animoss productions, rather minimalist and pure, fit perfectly into the mythological universe developed in the lyrics. With "Orpheus vs. The Sirens", Ka will have, once again, adapted a theme in the best way. He comes to affirm his talent and add a new record to his perfect discography. For personal reasons, "Orpheus vs. The Sirens" is my favorite album from Ka's discography.
Kids See Ghosts - KIDS SEE GHOSTS
Kanye and Cudi are regulars of the unexpected and the surprise. With "Kids See Ghosts" Kanye West releases one of his best albums in terms of production and Cudi finally manages to release his perfect album. The atmosphere of the record is strange and psychedelic. The album is crossed by voices, malicious laughter, echoes, vaporous sample. Kid Cudi is really important on this album, for me, it's an album of Cudi and not Kanye West (Although we feel the presence of Mr. West in the prod.). "Kids See Ghosts" is a controlled chaos, a record of human tears, finished relationships and cut social ties. A record that is a new opportunity for Kanye to hit hard, especially at the production level with these songs changes of pace, trailing breakbeats and psyche samples. And when "Cudi Montage" and its loop drawn in an old piece of Nirvana ends we want only one thing: press repeat. Although it's being played this album is, for me, the best Cudi album and a very important album for alternative hip-hop.
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
The hour of a new punishment has come. Yes, I am one of the masochists who consider that Daughters' self-titled album released in 2010 is one of the best rock album of the decade. Daughters, throughout his career, keeps shaking, fascinating. Neither experimental, nor rock, nor metal, nor dark, the American band explores what is more disturbing and extreme by engraving their opus in our neurons. A story of mental drift, pure madness, schizophrenia: "You Will not Get What You Want" is an absolute masterpiece of our time. This album, Daughters' fourth noise record, is by far the most ambitious, disturbing, terrifying and accomplished. But it remains above all cathartic and addictive. It is a unique work that everyone must listen to, if only to feel relief or nausea.
Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance
Fuck that shit. A year after "Brutalism", the Idles punks have just given birth to a bomb of the current Rock. "Joy As an Act of Resistance" exposes exactly everything its title promises ... by addressing sad topics and terrible news. Resist against addiction, the absurdity of Brexit, the pain caused by the loss of a child, the ravages of a misplaced manhood, animosity towards immigrants, stupidity ambient in general. Humor and lyrics are swayed in society like a molotov cocktail while ultra-solid punk songs will go crazy in live. Idles now has one of the best current bands of "real" British rock. No doubt because they manage to maintain the ideal distance between the balls and the brain, precisely where the heart is.
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
The genius of Parquet Courts - and his songwriters Andrew Savage and Austin Brown - is to have resurrected the New York Rock that had disappeared since the Strokes. The legacy of Velvet, Ramones, Talking Heads, Richard Hell, Sonic Youth and so many others is one of the greatest things America has ever offered for the world, and it would simply absurd to let the stupidity of the Trump government make us forget what we owe to those artists who valiantly fought for intelligence and poetry. Without ever betraying either his punky origins or departing from his principles of authenticity, "Wide Awake!" offers a new uninhibited version of Parquet Courts, with more catchy melody. This is truly their best album and a classic of 2010's rock. "Wide Awake!" will be the first album of Parquet Courts totally accessible to anyone who is too young to have known the hours of the New York punk scene.
Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy
The saga Car Seat Headrest continues. Will Toledo has gone from the shy and nerdy young man to American indie rock superstar of this decade. The year 2016 has allowed him to become a kind of indie rock legend with his cult "Teens of Denial". The young man is back in great shape with a new album "Twin Fantasy" but was published on his Bandcamp in 2011 and was considered his masterpiece in this small community. Car Seat Headrest has relaunched with perfection its lo-fi masterpiece for a more theatrical and punchy version than before. It is unpretentious that Will Toledo can keep his crown as the savior of American indie rock of this decade with an irreproachable maturity. And if he wants to revisit his other old albums in the future, I would not say no.
Sons of Kemet - Your Queen is a Reptile
The prolific Shabaka Hutchings (Melt Yourself Down, The Shabaka And The Ancestors, The Comet Is Coming...) returns in 2018 with one of his many projects, Sons Of Kemet. "Your queen is a reptile" is a concept album denouncing the imperialism and injustice of the British monarchy. They celebrate here other queens, each track paying homage to a woman, who have all led resistance movements. The music of Son of Kemet, has its source in the heart of Africa from the rhythms of Nigeria to the intersections of Addis Ababa. From project to project, Shabaka Hutchings demonstrates that he has become an essential musician of our time, and "Your queen is a reptile" of Sons Of Kemet is by far his most successful album, his masterpiece.
Because sometimes we do not care anymore about Migos news, we feel like we're talking about K-dot because we have to, and we think that this American hip-hop never seemed also absent, we need a guy like Barrington Hendricks, aka JPEGMAFIA. Peggy's music is first and foremost a very special atmosphere, between irony and violence. Listening to this album, I had the impression to get into the mind of a real genius. Jpegmafia writes all his songs, he produces his own samples by screaming in a microphone or by striking objects. Everything is recorded, produced and mixed by him. And that makes the difference. And yet this originality does not make it enter the alternative rap box of Death Grips or Shabazz Palaces. His references are not those of experimental music or noise: his god is Ol 'Dirty Bastard. JPEGMAFIA will probably never be the new Kendrick Lamar. But he is making us demanding again with hip-hop.
Denzel Curry - TA13OO
At only 23 years old, Denzel Curry releases his third album conceived as a hybrid triptych that reveals all the versatility of the rapper. For this new project, Denzel chose to work around three distinct parts (Light, Gray and Dark) whose output was spread over three days. Despite the title of his first part (Light), the rapper continues to advance in the dark on this third album, where he evokes the hatred, the suffering and the dramas of a youth he knew. More fit than ever, the former member of Raider Klan, traces his path and asserts himself as a hybrid talent that nothing seems to stop. Although "Imperial" contained some of his best songs, "TA13OO" is a masterpiece of the current trap and is therefore Denzel best album.
Pusha T - Daytona
First, Pusha T is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Half of the famous Clipse duo he formed with his brother since the 1990s, Terrence Thornton aka Pusha T, had left the listeners in suspense after the release in 2015 of "King Push: The Prelude". Everyone was waiting for the release of "King Push". Then comes Kanye West, the genius, creator of the GOOD Music label, recovering a few months ago the new solo project of Pusha and renamed it "DAYTONA". Three years for 7 excellent tracks with great productions from West. Former dealer, Pusha T maintains an ambiguous relationship with drugs, essential subject of his lyrics for twenty years now. The cover is thus doubled with a disorder, as the testimony of the raw drug ravage on the African-American community, which will not spare Whitney Houston. What can 7 tracks tell us? An often symbolic figure, which offer us a condensed of Pusha's best style. One of the best hip-hop albums of the decade, surely the best thing from Pusha since Clipse.
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