Aug 2, 2020
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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Free Jazz

Recorded during Coltrane's final studio sessions (in 1967) before his sudden departure for other phantasmagorical spheres, "Interstellar Space" had to wait 7 long years before it deserved its release in record stores. And yet, it is one of the best discographic offerings the greatest saxophonist of all times, the furious jazz god. On February 22nd, 1967, Coltrane entered the studio, accompanied only by percussionist/drummer Rashied Ali (an ... read more
Aug 1, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
Tant de belles mélodies

When I listen to Françoise, I inevitably think of my mum. My mother and I share a boundless love for many musical artists (Georges Brassens, Djeli Moussa Diawara, the Beatles, Neil Young... to name but a few). But it's really when I hear Françoise Hardy's angelic/sumptuous voice that I think of her the most. She's her favorite singer, without a doubt. Her favourite artist even (and in Françoise's case, we can easily speak of a total artist in ... read more
Jul 30, 2020*
WhatTheFunk -
In the early 70s, the Ethiopian scene was bubbling with activity. A handful of sublime musicians were in the process of giving birth to a form of jazz of their own, a crossbreeding, at the crossroads of traditional Ethiopian music (known as azmari), psychedelic jazz, acid funk, Latin music and Soul, all the musical styles that were popular in East Africa at the time. Among these gentlemen were vibraphonist Mulatu Astatke (known as the father of ethio-jazz), saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya (who ... read more
Jul 27, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
No elevator music.

Larry Young was the greatest organist Jazz has ever known, no more and no less! Yep. Even cooler than our dear Jimmy Smith, who was however a big influence for this good old Larry. After training with legends like Hank Mobley and Kenny Dorham, sir Young developed his very particular jazz personality as a band leader on the Blue Note label. He signs 7 excellent records (including the sublime "Unity"; review is potentially coming soon) in a "Post-Bop" ... read more
Jul 26, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Minimalism

It's a feeling that has flowed through the hearts of all of us at one time or another over the last few years: a feeling of weariness in the face of the uninterrupted flow of new releases, reissues, hidden gems, treasures found by a curious friend in a dusty record store on the other side of the world. Lost between the flood of data and the turmoil of our curiosity, it is sometimes a feeling of disgust that prevails, and the impression that a majority of ... read more
Jul 24, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
Journey in Indie, between embarrassment and real flights.

The lockdown has considerably affected the music industry but Taylor Swift has dusted off her wings with an eighth album (almost) free of intermediaries and advisors, the only queen in her sales kingdom. "Folklore" is certainly the first big release recorded during this pandemic to enjoy such an echo, although its release was only announced a few hours before it could be listened to. Her tour being cancelled, the singer turned ... read more
Jul 23, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
« Elegance is an art, not a virtue. »

If there's something intimately disturbing about Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, since his begining ten years ago with "Learning" - a debut album full of minimalism, dried tears and bedroom confessions - it's the duality he uses to go from the softest violence to the most scathing caress, to wander from sad laughter to saving sobs, to make his femininity a strength and his masculinity a wound. In short, to cover his tracks like no ... read more
Jul 22, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
We call it Voigt-Kampff for short.

There are returns that we don't expect, that worry us, that we don't understand the reason for, that we think we regret; others that we are waiting for, with more or less impatience, that we have fantasized about for a long time. The last decade was marked by these comebacks, all different. Among so many others, we've always hoped for the Avalanches' second album, we didn't dare to believe in a new My Bloody Valentine, we wouldn't have needed a new Pixies, we ... read more
Jul 21, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
I have long since lost my way, and come across a strange clearing in the forest...

It took place at the beginning of 1991 in a small country in northern Europe called Norway. The good guys from Darkthrone had just released their debut album, "Soulside Journey" (recorded the year before). It's an excellent "Death Metal" record, a genre which was very popular in the Scandinavian underground metal scene at the time. The band now getting ready to go back to the studio to follow ... read more
Jul 20, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
Instead of letting us glimpse a horizon of plenitude - as we might have expected when listening to "Cenizas", his first solo album of 2020 - Nicolas Jaar seems to throw a new veil of mystery over his prolific work with "Telas", at the same time as he clears up a few avenues of reflection.

The fourth discographic project in 2020 of the Chilean-American musician and producer (if we count the EP gathering FKA twigs and Lydia Lunch, and its long format under the nickname ... read more
Jul 19, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Russian Orthodox Liturgical Music / Znamenny Chant.

In 1910, Sergei Rachmaninov was thirty-seven years old. He settled in Ivanovka's house where he found great pleasure taking care of the garden and the trees, specializing in the cultivation of willows, which foster in him a certain reverie. The success of his American tour has brought him a relative financial ease that allow him to acquire a Lorelei (Mercedes) in which he goes for a long road trip to rediscover the ... read more
Jul 18, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
Dub making submarine urbanism.

From Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell I only knew one album, "Liumin", released under the pseudonym DeepChord presents Echospace, a massive urban road trip in an underwater civilization, a techno dub that sticks to the body, whose urgency is relegated to a background always in motion, an artery whose flows are sustained but troubled, distant, while closer to our ears, it's a formidable composite, aquatic, organic mixture that really grabs us - rarely, in ... read more
Jul 17, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
Protomartyr has always been a little offbeat. Born in the city of the proto-punk (Detroit), the quartet chose to reinvent the post-punk and now seems to be nearing its end when the revival of the genre is in full swing (which is certainly not new but more than ever promising).

Indeed, no need to show an overflowing imagination to consider this record as their last one, as long as you pay a little attention to the lyrics. Hearing Joe Casey declaiming "So it's time to say goodbye. I was ... read more
Jul 16, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
"Noise, as when a wave of the loud-resounding sea thundereth on the long beach, and the deep roareth." (Homer's Iliad, Book II, 2.210)

"Flood" is monumental in a discography that is
already very eclectic. "Flood" is cataclysm. "Flood" is the end of everything. The end of your uncertainties, your worries, your daily joys, your failed hopes... The fateful conclusion of your existence under the torrents of a monstrous aquatic disaster that will take ... read more
Jul 14, 2020*
WhatTheFunk -
2020 Apocalypse Soundtrack

Yeah, I understand you, I had the exact same reaction - gawking, mind blown, call it as you want. What you're looking at with such surprise and fascination is "Vajrabhairava", a painting by Kaneko Tomiyuki, judiciously chosen by Neptunian Maximalism to illustrate their magnificent second album, "Eons". Judiciously chosen, because it wonderfully describe what's at stake on this furious monster, this hybrid dragon more than two hours long, spread ... read more
Jul 11, 2020*
WhatTheFunk -
Hey, kiddo.. you done throwing up your burger in the gutter? We got to get out of here!

Yeah, well, I know... It messes with the digestive system the very first time. It's like the first shoot: you pour your guts out but that's worth it... don't worry, kiddo... He got what he deserved, the old bastard. Besides, he just emptied his belly of shitty intestines. Watch out for your Nikes, man... Yeah, they used to do that right after they got killed, you know? Well, just throw your crowbar in ... read more
Jul 10, 2020*
WhatTheFunk -
8 movements work for violin, cello, clarinet and piano, this "Quatuor pour la fin du temps" (inspired by the Apocalypse of Saint John and evoking the angel announcing the end of time) has the peculiarity that it is not strictly speaking a quartet most of the time... Here, except for 2 movements where the 4 musicians play together, we are dealing with pieces sometimes played in trio, in duo or for a single instrument (the impressive "Abîme des oiseaux" for solo ... read more
Jul 8, 2020
WhatTheFunk -
Straight into the rectum

In 1947, Antonin Artaud's ambition was to shake the consciences numbed by the illusory relief of the post-war period. Already old, the new world is threatened from all sides, split between American capitalism and Soviet communism. Human beings have not been able to free themselves from their old beliefs; their bodies are dirty, vitiated and corrupted by war. Responding to an invitation from the ORTF to inaugurate a new radio series about poetry, the writer and ... read more
Jul 5, 2020*
WhatTheFunk -
CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: EAI

It's crawling in this peaceful korean forest. We enters through crystalline chords coming from nothingness, accompanied by this kind of rattling that blurs the tracks between the organic and the mechanical, Stakhanovist woodpecker or old bicycle with a dead leaf stuck in the wheel, the lyricism of these Woodrose petals degrading between two electronic vagaries. From right to left, the sound plays with the stereo, deceiving our vigilance so well that once buried ... read more
Jul 1, 2020*
WhatTheFunk -
The music of GN-z11.

Never have I been so elsewhere and yet so rooted in my insignificant little person; so caught up in opposite currents, dizzying, indomitable, overwhelming, redefining my whole being and the whole universe around me. I am transposed. Transfigured. So that was Palmer Eldritch's unholy drug? Syncopated overdose at the first shoot. That's... wonderful. And it crushes your spine at the same time. It sucks you down to the last shred of life and spits you out in the absolute ... read more
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On John Coltrane - Interstellar Space
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On Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae & Kevin Parks - 音影
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On Inglume's review of Klô Pelgag - Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs
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On Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
"@TreyLikesBands Thanks a lot, Trey! <3 @Dombot youre probably right, but mega man 2 is surely the most cult..."
On Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
"@Inglume Don't worry, I don't touch hard drugs... To have the same experience, you just have to sit alone in your living room after a quarter past midnight and listen to this album at maximum volume. If you have all the conditions, the bass will make your walls shake and the synthetic voices will give life to all the machines in your apartment. Oh, and I'm not a big fan of video games either, I was just referring to Mega Man 2 because it's an 80's game I used to play when I was 8 years old, on an old console at my grandparents' house. I just need to go back in the past a little bit when I'm dealing with too much modernity and futurism all at once. I hope you enjoyed your road trip btw!"
On DoubleZ's review of John Coltrane - My Favorite Things
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"@Inglume Don't feel embarrassed, I'm not really a great connoisseur of the Quebec scene, most of the bands I quote in this review are the result of my research on the composition of ALSSDSB. I just knew Fly Pan Am, which is a pretty good band by the way. Anyway, listen to this, it's dope, sincerely the freshest post-krautrock album of 2010's."
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"@Inglume thanks a lot, we'll try to do our best! <3"

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