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Supper's ready!

What a great start for this band that can easily be described as legendary! True cornerstone of the (very rich) Italian progressive scene, PFM signs with this debut album one of the greatest manifestos of the transalpine prog. It is besides with this one that I started to survey (with my attentive eardrums) the multiple musical offerings of a country that had not finished seducing and surprising me... Listening to this almost perfect record in its genre, we wonder how so much ... read more
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One of my favorite pop albums of all time was released in 2003, in Japan, a musically nuts country, land of all sonic, visual, cultural, pornographic, gustative, olfactory excesses... Its author? Ringo Shiina. A young lady barely 25 years old, a real musical hurricane on two legs, a total artist who composes/produces her records and masters a multitude of instruments, a singer "with an apple" (the pseudonym "Ringo", which means "apple" in Japanese ... read more
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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Classical

The 9th... As soon as you pronounce these words, you know who and what you're dealing with. No need to mention the word "symphony" to know what we're talking about: Alex DeLarge's favorite musical work, the charismatic anti-hero of Burgess' Clockwork Orange! "Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones... you're invited!" he proclaims to these two young ladies/devotchkas who are getting ready to spend a few torrid moments (at top speed) with ... read more
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Hippie in spite of himself.

This Volume 4 is an album of tragedy. A misconception, a misunderstanding between John Fahey and his audience, which will continue until his death. Because if there are two things John hates, it's being stuck in a box (even though he accepted the term of American Primitivism), and hippies. But when "The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party & Other Excursions" appeared in 1966 on Takoma, the verdict of the press was indisputable: it was a Psychedelic ... read more
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The most peaceful record of all time? Probably.

It is the story of a young girl, lost in her dreams, her head in the clouds, her long hair waving in a benevolent wind, criss-crossing the countryside and villages of England in the late 1960s with her violin in her hand. Or maybe it was the 1560s? It doesn't matter. Vashti is as timeless and immaterial as the Mistral. Vashti is the rain that falls gently on a beautiful May evening. Vashti is the leaves flying away, swept away by the autumn gusts ... read more
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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Drone

TEKTRA. The impression of being immersed in an arctic landscape, blinded by ice and snow, with only the sound as a compass.

For decades when he was immensely productive, Roland Kayn's name was relegated to the footnotes of the history of avant-garde music. A mystery for this organist born in Reutlingen (Germany) in 1933 and died in 2011, who will have heard his works conducted by Boulez or Maderna. His short official biography suggests that his defiance of the ... read more
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De profundis.

It is a warm and vibrant voice that runs through your spine. A voice declaiming its laments from the bottom of the abyss, amplified by the depths it travels. The voice of a man who chose the wrong paths, the wrong friends. A man who has lost his body and his soul in unfathomable seas, where reason no longer keep a grip on reality.

It is the story, without rage or bitterness, of a human being who has fallen into madness, the story of an emaciated life, of a skull that is ... read more
WhatTheFunk -

We didn't see it coming: this year, Gorillaz celebrates its 20th anniversary! On November 27, 2000, very precisely, the virtual entity driven by Damon Albarn and the illustrator Jamie Hewlett released a first EP, "Tomorrow Comes Today". This title could not be more relevant. With his cartoon band, Albarn proposed not only a caustic detour of reality TV, then in full boom, but also a window on the near future, announcing for example the all-virtual web and social networks. Six ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
Time Machine

What political and cultural mystery explains the disco revival in 2020 mainstream pop? Chance is never a mystery, and future reviewers will probably see it more clearly than we do; in the meantime, we are excited about the squadron of bass drums, wah-wah riffs and Philly Sound strings in avalanches (re) launched by wannabe divas like Jessie Ware ("What's Your Pleasure?")."), Dua Lipa ("Future Nostalgia"), Katy Perry ("Smile") and soon Kylie ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
On the Sunny Side of the Ocean: Blind Joe Death's Ultimate Epiphany

Welcome, dear readers, don't forget to take off your shoes when you come in, leave your headgear at the door because here you are in the presence of the greatest John Fahey record that no one has ever heard of... At least until 1997. "What do you mean?" you'll answer me, connoisseurs of the blues that you are, "everybody knows that this is one of the most popular Big John albums!" And you're right to point ... read more
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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Progressive Rock

*Zero the hero, for the last volume of his adventures, was getting too big for his britches....*

Time has passed since the joyful nonchalance of "Camembert Électrique". The Radio Gnome trilogy, the majestic french prog-rock project, both ambitious and uninhibited in its delirium, ends with this "You", more "space" than ever. But the stakes are far more complex than the simple making of an album; it is the last ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
Fahey in the Deep South: the land of the Blues that sweats, suffers... and dies.

1964 provides a breath of fresh air for John Aloysius Fahey. Freed from Berkeley, its degenerate hippies and the philosophy curriculum he didn't really like, he is invited to attend a university program about folklore, which leads him to move to the south of Los Angeles (he published his thesis on the bluesman Charley Patton a few years later). There, he made a few friends with whom he shares interests in the ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
An interminable night; a filthy, secret, downtown church with ancient architecture tarnished by time; a stale air; a heavy silence, only interrupted by the advance of insects approaching the place of worship; an echo of the future warning of the horrors to come in an enigmatic way, with blurred feminine features; an infection that spreads malignantly among the people capitulating in the temple; the most haunting fear there is : that of being afraid, of not seeing anything clearly hostile and ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
Those bastards lied to me.

Ironic title for a carnivorous album that doesn't look like it... Smiling TG members on the cover that, at first glance, seems more appropriate for a nice sunshine pop naive quartet than for the godfathers of the Industrial. TG has gone pop, folks. That's what this record is all about. But don't be fooled, gullible listeners... TG-style pop is tartuous, sneaky and conceited... To better pervert your minds, it has fun hiding its venal impurities under the most honeyed ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
I understand you.

In the frightening hypothesis that you could only take one and only one album to the famous desert island, it is likely that Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" is not in your priorities. Logic: who would want to deal with solitude for the rest of their life with 64 minutes (and 4 seconds) of harsh larsens and white noise? Because that's exactly what this "record" contains...

But imagine that, by a sudden and cruel bifurcation of fate, things come to the ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
Lucy in the Sky

Where am I? Who am I? Am I the plaything of a neurotic fantasy? An erudite illusion? I am a man lost in the icy vastness of the temporal magma.

"Zeit" is the absolute absence of reference. I walk, muddling through, in the heart of this infinite monument, antechamber of nothingness. There is no more space, no limit. But an indistinct, falsely random path. The walls are in perpetual movement, an unspeakable and intoxicating waltz, sometimes an overwhelming, oppressive ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
The Advent of the Great Blues Deconstructor

We are in 1963. The Beatles have just come out of the egg. John Fahey has already deconstructed the blues.

After "Blind Joe Death", his self-produced debut album in 1959, Fahey enrolled at Berkeley University, Philosophy Department. Stuck in an environment that displeased him (the hippie scene at Berkeley irritated him prodigiously) and in studies that only half convinced him - he later confessed that his first desire was to study ... read more
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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Sludge Metal

Some muddy glue with your cartilaginous grease?
Ah, the first misdeed of the Melvins... Is Flipper the dolphin stuck in the oil spill of the Exxon Valdez?!? *Hardglue on the teeth* What King Buzzo chews, no one has ever known what it was and no one will ever know. Greyish, rainy austerity, the smell of stale cheap beer, loneliness and resentment, discouragement, macabre recklessness. Sticking to the title of the tracks, it is already an absolutely morbid ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
The art of supreme stripping. Controlled creative madness; in Zen mode. The best example of post-Satie music that exists. An invitation into this strange green world... a new universe, limpid, pure, silky, haunted; where each sound breathes majestically in the sibylline night, where the contours are yet familiar (Bali, England, Japan, America) but find themselves sublimated to become something that is subtly "another", as its name suggests. Lush, noisy jungles where it is good to get ... read more
WhatTheFunk -
Who said Hell wasn't sweet?

Hey tell me son, do you remember that pervy uncle? The one who touched you from time to time when everyone was looking away, whispering threats in your ear, and who slapped you, sometimes almost tenderly, with a pleasure that gave you shivers down your spine. That pervy uncle who ruined your childhood because as soon as you cried in front of your favorite teacher, your uncle would only let him see a sweet smile and kind words. But you knew who was hiding behind the ... read more
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On Inglume's review of Dalai Lama - Inner World
On Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae & Kevin Parks - 音影
"@Inglume Thank you very much for all your compliments! It's true that if you compare my oldest reviews with my most recent ones, it's really different, I even think that my first ones are quite incomprehensible. Writing and reading reviews on AOTY has really helped me to expand my vocabulary, even if I still have a little trouble with english expressions lol. I would say that la crème de la crême of this album are the track 2 as you said and the last track, even if the whole thing has to be listened to in one go to fully appreciate the whole experience. Thanks again for always encouraging me, John, I hope youre living your best life ;-)"
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