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Joji - Nectar
Oct 8

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Whitefrenmj -
I think my biggest regret when it comes to music is not finding Macs music before he passed away.

The more I explore his discography, the more I get surprised by how good it is and the more it feels worse that such a talented artist passed away so young. All his music leaves me with this bittersweet feeling. Also he deserves so much appreciation and his music deserves to be so much more famous than it is considering how good he is. RIP Mac

Coming to the album this has to be the most hip hop ... read more

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Whitefrenmj -
I hate this tracklist, it's amazing
Whitefrenmj -


Fr this album is so amazing, it's full of bangers, the production is amazing, JIDs flow and lyrics are also amazing.

Listen to this if you want to listen to a good rap album
Whitefrenmj -
Oh my this side we piss on your pornstar girl from the valley while we are wasted, making pornography. I have told you 3500-90210 times that theres no antidote to this Maria, cuz im drunk. Ok alright apple pie i can tell you will never catch me becuase youre with the night-crawler while im flying high. Guess we could just pray 4 love.

Oh yes the album is also amazing
Rodeo is a once in a lifetime album. It has to be one of the best album made by a rapper of this generation.
It is filled with ... read more
Whitefrenmj -
This is Tyler's best album till now imo and also one of the best concept and story based albums.
It's so easy to understand the concept and story with every succeeding song.
The album is really cohesive and there's no filler at all.
The production, sound, lyrics and features of the album are all perfect.
I don't think this is Tyler's MBDTF moment tho. I think he can still make a better album than Igor
Whitefrenmj -
The start of Tyler's run of amazing albums and of him becoming one of the best hip-hop artists of this generation.


Nov 29, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!‎
Sep 23, 2021
What do you think you would rate Donda from when you first listened to the album VS. now
Sep 22, 2021
I feel like Kanye, as expressed with "Jail pt.2", assumes that he's as much of an offender/has been alleged of all the things these people he platforms has. He doesn't realize that he's seen in a higher light than literally every single one of them, and that he's actively burning it away. His worst actions can still pass as clout chasing and artistic statements, and he hasn't inflicted much non-emotional harm to anyone. Not to mention that he's openly not in the best shape in terms of mental health, so he needs a calm advisor to tell him that the apologist deeds need to be toned down asap
Sep 22, 2021
I mean Dababy made an ignorant and horrid statement against the LGBTQ+ community, not Kanye, but Manson is way worse as far as his offenses go and is human trash. I feel like Kanye being an apologist hurts himself, because supporting abusers is a bad idea. There's a reason they've been alleged of stuff of this degree, and thats why you shouldn't be friends with them. It isn't just out of respect for their victims, which is the first straw, but also how their friendship brings nothing to you. Kanye bought Chris Brown a whole tank for his birthday, supported the dude when the whole world was against him (for good reasons), and after all of that he ended up calling out the same man for taking his verse off a song he's still on. Kanye doesn't realize they don't care about him and that he's just burning out his reputation by giving these assholes a platform
Sep 22, 2021
im doing well, and you

yeah, despite the slight dip in quality i think these projects really reflect him as a person

ye is about bipolar disorder, KSG overcomes that, JIK is about his spiritual awakening, Donda is about his divorce and spirituality being affirmed, TLOP is about him fighting his demons and trying to find god amidst the mess, Yeezus has him rebel against the fashion industry and detractors in the field of music, MBDTF is a masterpiece designed to win back public support AND admit to his troubles, especially with keeping a relationship. 808s is in line with his mothers passing and his engagement being foiled, Graduation symbolizes his singular high point of fame, money and power, Late Registration deals with his newfound fame as an MC and also is the first stone in his missionto be beyond hip-hop, and TCD is about his life until he started recording the very record. it all makes sense
Sep 12, 2021
So to conclude: I think he can't set his sights on what he really needs anymore. He lacks vision and focus, but for some reason the way he subconsciously passes into territories he wasn't aiming for (Ie, Donda starting off as a template to be a grand tribute to his late mother), but it ended up as a really solid project that bridged kanye and his gap with the newer crop of rappers, while being minimalist in nature.

So he aims big, but the results are far from what he initially decided to take on. Yet the product is still quite solid.
Sep 12, 2021
Kanye is actively forgetting his roots. He used to have really based politics, but they became muddy post 2018. The only things that have probably stuck with him over time is a. his artistic integrity (which was proven by Donda being heat for the most part) and b. his drive/passion c. his love for spirituality

I really hope all of this is subconscious, because I still reckon if i were to go to Kanye in real life, not amidst a crowd or anything and try to mend some sort of conversation, he'd open his ears to listen and chime in his thoughts in a friendly manner. So all I'm saying is that he strikes me as someone who's actually some sort of fuzzy bear inside (pun intended) yet he wishes to depict himself as this ruthless industry mogul. Maybe the fact that he seems stuck in limbo between both these worlds makes him a more accessible person to me. Because if he never chose this hedonistic side of his, we'd never get stuff in the vein of yeezus and MBDTF, and instead we'd get TCD x 10
Sep 12, 2021
i think kanyes playing a character/or his mind is muddy thanks to his mental health because from what ive seen if you sit next to him when he isnt having an outburst he's supposed to be soft spoken and kind. Maybe he's trying to be an asshole to combat his once soft image (this could be true as i rememberr reading on how he was mocked for his lack of street cred and donning pink shirts/ ie being nonconformist.

For some reason, Kanye seems to be slowly transitioning from anti-hip-hop culture to being one with it, which is a bit odd. He went from one of the first rappers to come out in defense of the LGBTQ+ community to fronting Dababy. Instead of being some relatable/every man's rapper, he's claiming a whole gang and is saying he always had mob ties he severed on his route to fame. It seems like Kanye's trying too hard to look more like a conventional rapper than he actually is, especially when he doesn't make music that involves being "hard" as the central facet.
Sep 10, 2021
If you don't count all the artistic exploits hes said and done and all the odd statements hes made: kanye is a very very average human, nothing special, infinitely talented but he isn't someone who is a horrible person by the definition of it. He doesn't seem bigoted, or wilfully ready to physically harm someone. So he checks the bare minimum, and as long as he does, ill be a fan. But if he's accused of something horrid in the near future then i dont think ill support him any longer.
Sep 10, 2021
but just because other celebrities have done the same or worse, that doesn't give kanye the freedom to do whatever he wants to. He's actively ruining his legacy because people disrespect him over his actions, so i wont condone all his behavior but i will defend his artistry forever


She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson

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