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Ok, here are my thoughts (maybe feelings)

Dylan is one of those artists that has accomplished almost everything. He has an extensive discography (with at least six records filling every single list about the best rock albums of all time) a Nobel prize, an Oscar and a long list of personal records. In fact there is not a single one music lover over thirty years of age that is going to doubt his relevance as a musical figure. Otherwise, I have always had the feeling that for the ... read more

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Whynot -
Just a couple of things for now (review soon)

This is an album from a project who live under the concept of mixing. Every time the whole spirit of a record is all about making everybody breath under the same roof, loosing a bit of coherence is the price to pay. They certainly know that and at least for me, that’s a fair price to get a trip like this one.
There are so many different flavors and details here, that I think we should start with the real album (the standard edition) and weigh ... read more
Whynot -
This is Dylan just getting into the healing process he needed.

I know there are a lot of people who think "Tempest" was a great record, but at least for me it is just a regular album, performing the same musical approach Dylan was doing for the last 20 years (challenging level zero) which also gave us one of Bob's poorer vocal performances in decades (which with all the love I have for the guy, let's agree it is not a little thing to say).

"Shadows In The Night" was the ... read more
Whynot -
There are a bunch of things that make Bob Dylan's studio debut a remarkable album without being exceptional. This record has no huge singles, no songs to really put in your "top ten Dylan's songs" but is full of little hints pointing to what was going to happen later.

The first remarkable thing is Bob's obvious engagement with the recording, you can hear how he is trying to give his best, his guitar skills are not amazing but they are actually quite above the average, his harmonica ... read more
Whynot -
Something must be really good with this album. The lyrics are incredibly simple, the song structure (and progression) is quite predictable, the melodic approach has nothing groundbreaking and Butler's voice is just ok, but for some reason almost the entire set of songs is ridiculously enjoyable.

He is giving us this set of indie folk pop songs with a touch of synth electronica bive which is quite average, but he sound so honest in every single track, it is like hearing a friend sharing his ... read more
Whynot -
It is amazing when you have your own identity but no matter what, you are still trying to go for something else. This band is certainly incredible in that perspective. Since day one, they have pushed their barriers to finally reach the place where we are today. Listening to this superb record, full of poetry, dark, claustrophobic and reverberant landscapes but also totally impregnated by different (and new) sound colours is definitely a gift.

Ultimate success Today, has all the tricks we ... read more
Oct 12, 2020
Good morning/afternoon/evening! What is your favorite album/EP that sets in a language foreign to you? And yep, it's for a list. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!
Oct 4, 2020
you're welcome! clever edit on your about section haha.
Oct 3, 2020
there's probably a record out there that's gonna get my 100 sooner or later though, like you said. sorry for the long answer, peace.
Oct 3, 2020
you're welcome, thanks for the follow as well! the reason why i think i'll probably never give out perfect ratings is because i've listened to plenty of records lauded as absolute classics and masterpieces and i haven't found any of them to be 100s. even my favorite albums of all time aren't 100s in my mind. the stars would have to align perfectly in order for me to give out a perfect score - every song would have to be a 10/10. we rate music subjectively and it's very easy to nitpick aspects we don't like about a song, so within an album, even in the best of the best albums that are out there, there are songs that i think are a couple steps above others, so in my mind there's no way that 2 songs from which i can pick out my favorite by far can both be considered perfect. in order for an album to be a 100 i wouldn't even be able to pick out my favorite, every song would be kinda in the same range and that hasn't happened to me yet. still, there are a few records that i think are 95+
Sep 30, 2020
Lo vi! Meter dos de tres no está nada mal la verdad. Y ca7riel ya tendrá tiempo de sacar algo que pueda quedar en unal lista así.
Sep 29, 2020
Quedó genial! Que laburito se mandaron, felicitaciones!
Sep 29, 2020
You know what, without overthinking it I would say each album is better than the last (how many bands can you say that about?). They have changed their sound a bit over time and gotten a bit more complex, but really the songs just kept getting better and better. Under Color of Official Right & The Agent Intellect are neck and neck. Relatives in Descent & Ultimate Success Today are neck and neck. I also really enjoy the Consolation EP, especially the last 2 cuts. Ive been thinking of a lyric from Ultimate Success Today all year long, because I think it really explains the feeling of 2020. "a cosmic grief beyond all comprehension". If you like post punk, I think Protomartyr are the whip smart kids in the room. Joe Casey has that every-man vocal delivery, but his writing is remarkable. Especially the past 2 albums... his lyrics are poetry. Half Sister, the closer on Relatives in Descent, is especially remarkable.
Sep 28, 2020
Thanks for your inquiry. Give me a tiny bit of time to revisit those first two protomaryr albums and I'll get back to you with my overall feelings.
Sep 27, 2020
love your reviews 👍🏻
The one hundred scores you give (or their complete absence) clearly defines the type of person you are.
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