Jul 5, 2019 (updated Jul 5, 2019)
Stonechild is presented as the pinacle of jesca's musical maturity.
First, it may have the best harmonies of this year, without them I don't know if this album would be as good as it is. There is undeniable work here but Stonechild is really less friendly than Memories are now.
I don't completely see where she goes with her lyrics, she includes many micro-sounds and she has some atypical arrangements.

Apart that, this is gorgeous, omg. Every tracks are so detailed, even the friendly ones like end of eden have highlights parts.

For fans of jesca hoop, indie folk and for those who like challenging album, it's one of the best this year. But if you're not that attracted to this type of album, it could average to underwelming.

Edit : According to some interviews and reviews, stonechild takes a more political statement than any of her album (patriarcism, racism, unbalanced family etc) but it seems not the point. It's more about a harsh childhood and difficulty facing during adulthood because of that. Of course jesca hoop remains jesca hoops, she disguises some lyrics with "sweet" story and love, which I can appreciate the intelligence but I would be happier with rough lyrics. In that case, the album would have been more devastating.
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