Bat For Lashes - Lost Girls
Sep 8, 2019
After the Bride, it wasn't a surprise to see a full synth album. Lost girls is a pure 80's synth album with a modern production, something that is pretty common recently (Hatchie for example). As it's kinda trendy these years, the risk is to be redundant.

To describe lost girls, I will just say don't judge a LP by its singles because here they are extremely basic.

Kids in the dark is your typical love song from the 80's. There is any layer of details, just some basic synth and basic lyrics. Natasha vocals are solid but if you're a fan of her other albums, this is not her best deliver.
Feel for you is publicity song material (I can clearly see it for a bubbly brand !), nothing interesting to.say.
Hunger is a cheap version of some songs from the bride like sunday love. The vocals are good but cleatly not as good as she did before. The lyrics here are better but a bit redundant with the other singles.
Jasmine is the best single but it's just fine. The full synth thing is getting boring so I was scared about the rest of the album.

Fortunaly, the other tracks are much more interesting.
Desert Man feels more like her debut album Fur and gold which pretty refreshing. Vampires comes with sax adding which is not original for an 80's oriented but brings some versatility. So good/safe tonight and peach sky are much more dynamic and despite the repetitive vibes, these tracks help to balance slower tracks. Mountains is her best track and probably one of her best track. She perfectly balances gorgeous vocals, less present 80's synth vibes and add some layers of details.

Lost girls is a pretty versatile 80's synth album. Some tracks are good and anyone are trash. However, there are some issues :

- The lyrics and the topics (80% is love love love) are the weakest deliver of bat for lashes, which is pretty surprising considering her past albums.
- The problem with full synth is that it can be really repetitive depends on how you manage to craft it. Despite some good ideas, she kinda fails to bring enough variation in her synth.
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