Harry Styles - Fine Line
Dec 13, 2019 (updated Dec 16, 2019)
Edit : the decrease is now more than 5 points.

Harry Styles comes from an atrocious place called "1D planet" to a more artistic landscape.

But let me ask you something. Do you rate an album in regards to the growth of an artist or the general quality of the album ? Because there is a big difference. Sure Harry Styles has made A LOT since his last album, but honestly : is this THAT unique or special ?

Every album doesn't need to be unique or special, but in a landscape full of pop, electro, hip hop and rock, you have to step up your gimmicks.

Unfortunaly, Harry styles doesn't show any progress of maturity in his songwriting. He is always writing about his breakup and he doesn't show how individual he is. Sure he is sad, for sure this is quite relatable, but he is just writing thought the other, not really on his own. He doesn't tease anything at all ... like a true personal growth I guess ?

He also doesn't show a great versatile voice. This is not needed to be successful and his voice is quite pretty but is this really sufficient ?

The instrumentation are quite typical to a pop album that step a little the game like lady gaga did for her last album : we take some cool bass lines, and indie drums. The result is pretty cool but with 20 years of modern indie rock later, this is still fresh in the mainstream landscape but really pale in comparison to A LOT of bands.

Don't get me wrong, fine line is really enjoyable ... for few listenings. But the overpricing isn't objective. This is the same thing that happened currently with each pop and hip hop albums. And each time, these albums come really strong with ratings that often exceed 80 and then just flopped a lot, like >5 pts (not so much for the albums that deserve it).

Ratings aren't the point here. Consider rating or reviewing an album not because the genre is trendy or your actual hot taste or the artist did progress, but because it deserves it.
Dec 13, 2019
Brilliant review
Dec 14, 2019
Thank you !
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