PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project
Apr 11, 2016 (updated Apr 12, 2016)
Welcome back PJ !
Well I've to admit that THSDP is a complicated album. PJ uses distancing effect and wrote the album like a long trip in differents countries. It's not as cohesive as let england shake but musically, the album is perfect (exactly what I like).

TSHDP may divide fans, critics and people because of the lyric's and the meaning of PJ's distant demarch.

Let's be honest : I don't think PJ is a "politician" or a full-activist person, she is an artist who express her opinion with art ! I smiled every time I read some critics "oh she's activist, she has political engagement !"
It's not clearly but I don't think PJ just watched the world in a car, yelled "oh fuck all is disgusting, please we need Hope" and wrote enumeration of observations. Maybe she critizes how people can saw the world through the vision of media and internet(the community of hope, the Ministry of defence and the wheel) or maybe she wrote this album like TV News demagogy or politician's programm or maybe she wants to say directly (medicinals) or not "opinions aren't unilateral". The visions of Kosovo, DC and Afganisthan that she shows are pretty horrible but it's all the Truth ? Who can say it's accentuated to have more impact ?

This album pushes me to reflect in all these questions, even if it cannot be what she wants to say.

THSDP hasn't an immediate impact (unlike let england shake) but I immediately enjoy this album in term of sonority.
Apr 13, 2016
where did you listen to this?
Apr 14, 2016
I found it during 2-3 hours (totally randomly) a few days ago but I received the album last night (some shops already have the album since last day and today). I'm pretty happy and fortunate !
My opinion about the album didn't really change ^^
Apr 14, 2016
im really hoping to enjoy this. so far, it looks as if the general consensus is that its kind of like let england shake 2.0
Apr 15, 2016
Musically, THSDP is pretty similar to LES but it's more rock. Both are focused to some political aspects but in my opinion, it's not the same approach (LES is concret, THSDP is much more abstract). In a certain way, THSDP is a 2.0 LES but still different. It's only my personal opinion, some peaople/critics think that the album isn't good or too abstract or to similar to LES, etc
If PJ Harvey wants to trigger a reaction from her public, it's a success.
Apr 15, 2016
I'm not sure that she can have an universal acclaim with THSDP but I think it's a good album and it's interesting to think about it. I like albums which push people to Wonder some various questions that we don't imagine during our everyday life. THSDP can be this type of albums.
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