Jun 20, 2018
It doesn't reach the level of the previous tracks but it's fine.
Jun 17, 2018
A trio with charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes could be interesting :

Hypothesis :

- 1 : they could (finally) do an OK album
- 2 : they'll record fart sounds and paint the entire toilets (elegant ? me ?)
- 3 : One have ego --> killing the other --> succes only for one
- 4 : Genocide in hysteric fangirls (I don't know the behaviours of their fanboys. Surprise !)
- 5 : I'll just ignore the release (I'm not sure of that one :p)

Overall, this album is another shitty stuff for the ... read more
Jun 15, 2018*
Edit : 85 --> 80 for user score and 84 --> 82 for critics. It seems that the hype begins to disapear

+ Lyrics related for a large spectrum
+ Some climax (specially it's okay to cry and the pretend world part) are astonishing ...
+ The composition has variety ...

- ... While some other are way to homogeneous
- ... But the pattern is the same and completely breaks the clever composition
- Some vocals and some glitch are cringy

SOPHIE surprises me because I'm not used to this type of ... read more
Jun 14, 2018
One of my favourite album, Idler Wheel is extremely visceral, lyrically and sonically. She has so much raw with so much devastating lyrics, I absolutely adore this Artist !
Jun 14, 2018
Why did I not listen it :o ?
Jun 14, 2018
Unexpected :o I really like the mix between metal and southern blues (It's the same type of process as Algiers but with metal). It's pretty-well balanced (EMR said that the first album is half messy. I fastly checked it because I didn't know the band and I kinda agree) because you can totally dig to it even if you're not a fan of the separated genre.

Good first listen !
Jun 12, 2018
It's good, however there are two problems that you can face. Her voice is way too homogeneous and the production is repetitive. In her EP, she already has this type of voice but the songs were recognizable. Don't get me wrong, it has sufficiently charm to be enjoyable but I'm not sure that it is a memorable album.
Jun 7, 2018
Adore Life is a very mature album that I really enjoy. It's less percutant but has more subtility in the sound. I really like the thematic here because it's not just about love but more generally humanity (unfortunaly, it's a bit in surface, I really want more in the next album). The issue that you can have with Adore Life is that there are too much slow burn tracks. A simple example is Adore : it's an excellent single with interesting yet simple lyrics, the sound is so refined. But it takes ... read more
Jun 5, 2018
I really don't like her vocals but the structure of the songs are quite good, so try it ! It's a hit or miss I guess
Jun 3, 2018
The vocal's performance of the girl is so cringy while the production isn't as bad as the previous album. Overall, it's extremely diverse but all the tracks are a cheap version of planty bands.
Joan of Arc seems to be the band that people loves to hate (and I clearly see why).
Jun 3, 2018*
So sad not so sexy, the new album of Lykke Li is a huge failure (and personal disappoint). The beats are overused as hell, the lyrics are extremely uninspired and the music itself feels so bland. It even doesn't seem that it's a more safer direction of a good artist, it's a generic album in the strict term. I never learn already took safer direction but succeeded to give emotions.

Even the cover is really not good (powerpoint + photo filter + edgy photos + word writing + any kind of ... read more
Jun 3, 2018
Wtf I listened haha. It's highly danceable but the lyrics are pretty ... dumb (?). It's a funny album, nothing more, nothing less.
Jun 3, 2018
Sad and delicate.
Jun 2, 2018
It's a drastic change for Prass ! I like the mix of genre (pop, funk, soul, jazz) but the structure of all the tracks isn't innovative. It's well-crafted but I don't have the "OOOOH" in my mind.
May 27, 2018
Lazy version of the previous albums. The problem with this electropop is that it's catchy but ephemeral. There is any reason to relisten it.
May 27, 2018
It's fine. Lyrically it's not bad but the production is extremely cliche.
May 26, 2018*
Edit :

Another excellent album from Neko Case !

Hell-on catches the most personal moments of Neko Case (even low self-estime is present in "Oracle of the Maritimes").

The production on this album is stunning, nearly 3/4 of the album is gorgeous (tracks 1 to 8). I especially enjoy the subtility of some tracks like Hell-On, Curse of the I-5 Corridor and Gumball Blue, it's not just a simple alt. album. On top of that, her collaboration is gold !

My score could have been higher if ... read more
May 21, 2018
What's going on Lykke Li :O !!! Why do you autotune your lovely voice ? Why do you choose the most generic beats and rythms possible ??? And Why these lyrics are overused AND uninteresting >.< ?????????

Youth novels was delightful, Wounded Rhymes was solid with relistenable sounds, I never learn was extremely simple but touching.
How can you do theses tracks with such albums :,( ? Even Arcade Fire, Beck and Decemberists didn't fall so hard !
May 21, 2018
OMG it's really horrible :O
May 21, 2018
Just excellent, I'm impressed by this debut. It's :

+ catchy
+ not the classical "indie drama queen"
+ Thinning, Dirt, Slug ...
+ ... and the other aren't so bad !

- need more variety but we'll see the LP !
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