Mar 19, 2018
Good moment :D
Mar 18, 2018
To understand how devastating this album is, please listen a crow looked at me.
Mar 18, 2018
Anything is really shining. I understand that different directions are good for artists, especially with more actual sounds, but when you are uninspired or you are really not able to embrace it, there are no reasons to change.

Currently (with synth-sounds added), they aren't the only bands to fail (one of the best example is Arcade Fire - Everything now) : the result is an uninspired and forgettable album.
Mar 18, 2018
Even better than nameless, faceless !
Mar 15, 2018
The lead single is awesome !
Feb 25, 2018*
A great sophomore album. I really appreciate the slow burning construction. While the first half of the album reminds me a lot the first album, the second part is more refined to create a more distinct album. The written doesn't change but the thematic is more interesting, more actual.

Even if Camp Cope doesn't extremely change, all these improvements produce a solid record
Feb 24, 2018
Amazing construction, it's so complex yet accessible. But I don't feel it really spontaneous, it's essentially pure skills, it's not really relistenable.

88 without my opinion
66 with my total opinion
The mean is 77
Feb 23, 2018
All at Once feels refreshing with raw. Returning to a more primal punk rock isn't a bad thing
Feb 21, 2018
The production is way too much basic :/
Feb 18, 2018
Slight improvement compare to the previous album but continues to be generic
Feb 18, 2018
I guess what I listened is a real Meh... album
Feb 18, 2018*
Interesting psychedelic album but there aren't enough memorable moments ... clearly NOT ENOUGH !
Feb 18, 2018
She reminds me a french porn singer : same type of content with cliche production. It's funny 5 minutes but it's not enjoyable with time, it's just poor sex songs.

You better get a plastic model !
Feb 16, 2018
Mystic, intriguing, terrific with lack of power at key times
Feb 16, 2018*
A dancing vision of chaos and disillusion

Edit : how many critics reproach that the music of an album is "a bit too good" ? I guess that is for some buzz (example under the radar and twin fantasy) and it's pretty scary. We don't read quality anymore but shit with "quality label"
Feb 16, 2018
Hype and hope for her second album !
Feb 16, 2018*
I don't really like the "acting crappy" voice despite excellent instrumentation
Feb 16, 2018*
Edit :

Ouah ... I have any words it's way painful and beautiful than the first version of Twin Fantasy.

The problem I have with Twin Fantasy V.1 is that the extreme lo-fi production occulted so much his vocals and so the comprehension of the lyrics (I'm not english native so it's extremly difficult without the written lyrics during my listening).

Here, all lyrics are way clearer and all instrumentation parts are explosive as fuck ! While it loses a bit of charm/personal arrangements, I ... read more
Feb 10, 2018
A hit-or-miss "multi-genres" album
Feb 10, 2018
An excellent occasional album for the incredible mix, texture and gimmicks
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