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Björk - Biophilia
Apr 19, 2019
Biophilia is an album that combines ethereal melodies with industrial EDM in a way that no one else could ever match. This is not all it has to offer, however. Biophilia is also a metaphor for human phenomena, tied together with the overlying theme of nature. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes its sweet time to grow on the listener, but once familiarized, it becomes a timeless treat. Overall, the album keeps a very consistent mood and theme, allowing for its flaws to be minimal, with no track standing out as much worse than the rest.

The first highlight on Biophilia is the song "Thunderbolt," since the electronic bass that is heard throughout the song arpeggiates and adds yet another layer to it. The song's lyrics suggest that inspiration is difficult to come by, and harder to understand once gotten. Björk compares the feeling of inspiration to being struck by a lightning bolt, which is both accurate and intriguing. The quality of the music continues into "Crystalline," which is absolutely breathtaking as a track. The delicate celesta that holds the song together wholly represents the crystals that Björk compares with overcoming anxiety. The first song that I dislike is "Dark Matter," since I find its slightly darker approach sort of out of place on this album. However, the song is too short to ruin the flow of the album, so I don't really have any major issues with it. "Virus" is another high point on Biophilia, not only for being the catchiest song on the album, but for being a chilling love story about a dangerous relationship. The electronic elements featured in the next two songs, "Sacrifice" and "Mutual Core," (the latter being my personal favorite song on the album) work very well with each of them, especially in the context of "Mutual Core." This song uses plate tectonics as a metaphor for human relationships, and the electronic sounds augment their importance, especially since the EDM-inspired chorus is more emotional paired with the subject matter.

No review could do this album justice, so I would highly recommend listening to this yourself. Much of Biophilia's power comes from its delivery, which speaks for itself.

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