Jack White - Boarding House Reach
Mar 23, 2018 (updated Nov 9, 2018)
Ok so , i guess some of you are gonna be furious about this but I tried to understand the hate around the album but..I just love it sorry about that.

I just love everything about this album , I've already listened to this album 3 times and im listening to it while I'm writting this.

I love the jazzy , sometimes heavy but always mind-blowing and avant gardes interludes like Abulia (which is my least favorite track), Why Walk like a Dog (this song has a metaphoric signification about the human race using the comparison with the dogs , that's how i see this , it's just my opinion).

i also absolutly the random , weird , experimental more heavy songs like "Over and Over and Over","Ice Station Zebra" .All is Here , from the incredible guitars to the Free jazz Drums.

Talking about drums , I really like the complexity of the rythm sections in songs like Corporation.This song sounds like a Jam , taking reference to the Talking Heads loop technique and structure .As a fan of this kind of jamming , sequencing , looped structures , I just cannot hate this song.

Even When Jack White is going in a more classical White Country Blues Rock genre in songs like What Is done Is Done or Humouresque , he's experimental , off the wall and unpredictible.

Special Mention to the humouresque kind of Radiohead/Father John Misty Chord Progression.It's a very sincere , lovely and impressive ending.

The Track Everything youve ever learned has a mind blowing and epic ending thta i loved , just wish it was longer and more developped.
Ezmeralda Steals the Show is a little bit forgattable.

Get in The Mnd Shaft is so groovy , i love the synths , the rythm section.

The song Hypermisophoniac is soooo weird and random , I just don't get the structure and i listended to this song 10 times today.I absolutly love the fact that he's doing whatever he wants , he loves.The Same feeling that I have with Beefheart.Its a very intringing song.And that's exactly why it's memorable.

Even the backing vocals are weird and experimental , the multiple parts in songs like Respect commender , The free structures ...

Its hard to explain ,i did an album myself and to feel that an artist loves what he's doing and experiments , takes risks , is radical , refreshing and has a real personality , is unique...it's just an amazing sensation.

90/100 if i had to put a score on art.
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