Metro Boomin - HEROES & VILLAINS
Jan 22, 2023
"Heroes and Villains" Is an experience that has some of the grandest production I have heard in a while, Metro Boomin truly proves that he has what it takes to become a lasting legend in music production with this project with every instrumental feeling like it was masterfully crafted and having narration adds so much immersion to the project. Though I have a lot of positive things to say about this LP I'd like to start off with some slight annoyances I have with this LP.

Some of the lyric choices throw me off a bit and a few of the performances on the album feel a little bit off to me on songs like "Raindrops" and "Umbrella" where I see what they were trying to go for but I start to fall short on those songs after a while, still very good songs though.

Some songs I love from this project would are "Superhero", "Around me" And "Creepin". Every song here feels almost cinematic as if they would fit perfectly into a movie scene of epic proportions being masterfully crafted by Metro Boomin's extremely talented production, this is by far his best work.

I'll be giving this a very solid 8/10, flaws and all I enjoyed my time listening to this project and I can't wait to see how metro boomin evolves his production style in the future.

Fav songs: "Around me" "Creepin" "Superhero"

Least fav songs: "Umbrella" "Raindrops"

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