Björk - Fossora
Sep 29, 2022
Gabber + Bass Clarinets x Mushrooms + Fungus = Biological Techno

Björk is my #1 favourite artist of all time, there's no doubt about that. So naturally, 'Fossora' has been my most anticipated album of the year, and it has certainly lived up to the expectations I had for it.

Fossora, similar to its predecessor 'Utopia', builds an immersive, mystical and addictive world in its instrumentation, lyrics and atmosphere. It's quirky, unique and whimsical, evident in tracks like 'Atopos' and 'Fungal City', while still allowing for genuine reflection and honest moments. Songs like 'Ancestress' and 'Her Mother's House' - which both feature her actual children - have some of Björk's most personal lyrics. Fossora manages to stand superior to Utopia as it feels much more focused and consistent in its auditory world-building. While both albums have an overwhelming sense of grandiose to them, Fossora, once you get into it, is genuinely inviting and warm, while Utopia often feels a tad pretentious and uncomfortably cluttered musically to be honest.

The first thing you notice in Fossora is how jarring the instrumental juxtaposition is. Björk is known for combining different styles and genres, making avant-garde amalgamations that are so uniquely her, for example - Homogenic, my favourite album of all time, combined elegant classical compositions filled with regal strings with electronic trip-hop beats. Her latest combination of harsh gabber techno beats and dissonant bass clarinets felt honestly pretty misguided and awkward. When I first heard Atopos, I loved it, but mainly because of fandom. To be honest, I was very worried for the album, as the contrast between the styles was quite unpleasant. Well, I'm hear to tell you that I was wrong! I need to learn to put my trust in Björk, because after countless listens I can confirm that the instrumental juxtaposition in Atopos and all of Fossora is in fact beautiful and addictive. While Atopos can be a pretty strange introduction, the whole album works perfectly together. Songs like Fossora and Fungal City really prove how beautiful these sounds can be combined.

I remember when Ovule came out and everyone, myself included, was kinda confused. While it sounded a bit more elegant than Atopos, the time signatures and everything just sounded so strange. Fossora *is* quite possibly Björk's strangest and hardest album to get into to date, but I've put the work in, listened to the singles constantly, and have had the album on repeat for hours, and can confirm this is in fact an incredible album. Obviously, a lot of you might not want to spend that long waiting for strange little Icelandic tunes to click in your mind, which is fine. I'm just telling you that it's completely worth it, because Fossora is one of the warmest, cosiest, most inviting, most creative, most interesting, and most unique albums I've ever heard. While it may seem quite overwhelmingly grand at first, like Utopia, it's surprisingly Björk at her most carefree, imaginative and honest.

Fav Tracks: Ovule, Fossora, Her Mother's House, Sorrowful Soil, Fungal City, Atopos
Worst Tracks: Fagurt Er í Fjörðum, Victimhood

Track Ratings
1Atopos / 93
2Ovule / 100
3Mycelia / 90
4Sorrowful Soil / 95
5Ancestress / 90
7Victimhood / 82
8Allow / 83
9Fungal City / 95
10Trölla-Gabba / 88
11Freefall / 94
12Fossora / 100
13Her Mother's House / 95
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My thoughts exactly! @ me when its time to like this review. Great work!
@Calupmullings like time🤤
I agree with basically everything you wrote, until I saw Victimhood is your least favorite...
u made it so big, i'm so proud of u :,)
@emomu society has never seen a bigger review❤️
"Fossora *is* quite possibly Björk's strangest and hardest album to get into to date" Definitely not, Bjork's most hardest album to get into is Drawing Restraint 9. To me this is such a best effort making dissonant music
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