Beartooth - Disease
Jan 15, 2019
Greatness Or Death- 8/10
A great way to start an album. Tight playing and good songwriting

Disease- 9/10
Issa bop. Great lyrics, drumwork is extremely memorable, and Caleb sells it perfectly

Fire- 7/10
A potentially great song wasted by generic songwriting. Don't start this shit again.

You Never Know- 7.5/10
A decent hardcore punk track. That line at the end of the chorus is corny as hell tho.

Bad Listener- 6/10
More cringy writing that ruins a good instrumental

Afterall- 6.5/10
Christ, if this wasn't so catchy. "Guess I'm just human afterall" really? That's the best you got guys?

Manipulation- 7/10
Getting back on track here. Not as generic as the last two lyrically. Decent hook and more tight playing.

Enemy- 7/10
Can I just say the chorus ruins most of these songs. Or hell, mainly a single line or two that makes me cringe. Good flow and again, great instrumental. They need better songwriters and people to help structure these songs better

one of the poppier songs on this album. Very forgettable

Another decent song ruined by a cringe line or two. Jesus guys you can write better than this i.e Disease and Greatness Or Death

Used And Abused- 8/10
Thank God. More proof how important the drumwork are to this band. No cringy lines. Just good ass playing and Caleb doing a fantastic job as always (the breakdown is pretty similar to Disease's tho)

Clever- 8.5/10
A really well written song, but at this point it's a little samey. Still can't knock a great song

Jesus what a disappointment. Disease is one of my favorite songs of 2018 and even if the other singles were ehh I had high hopes. This bands writing is really holding them back. They have all the talent in the world. Caleb is a fantastic vocalist. Connor Dennis is a great drummer who carries some of these songs. They need better songwriters, but they've shown that they can write great songs without help, so I don't know what to really say. Just get better.
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