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Nanoray - ZAPPER
Feb 19

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Xzfgiiimtsath -

from bandcamp: "Twenty minutes of dehydrated black metal psychedelia and acoustic campfire spirits."

the acoustic tracks with harsh vox are a big highlight
Xzfgiiimtsath -
busy, synth-based cyber metal riffs + neoclassical shredwave. no vox. way better than i expected it to be
Xzfgiiimtsath -
a 40 minute live recording of completely improvised black metal, with one person playing all the instruments SIMULTANEOUSLY. and it sounds GREAT! probably has something to do with the fact that it's Ephemeral Domignostika of MASTERY.

the guitar is played with his hands and the drums are played with his feet, + vocals.
Xzfgiiimtsath -
dark norse folklore-themed DS. takes you VERY deep into misty, forbidden woods. the final track, The Handshake, is an entertainingly narrated short story with a grainy and lofi sound, and it's part of what keeps me showing this album to people

from the bandcamp:
"This album tells the tale of a boy from the long-forgotten village of Høstbolig. His name was Askeladden, and his village was known to be the last frontier of man. "Never venture beyond the cold River of Fyxx, boy. ... read more
Xzfgiiimtsath -
one of the most widely-beloved dungeon synth tapes ever! released in october 2017 on bandcamp, alongside a spooky halloweeny story/concept about a lone investigator attempting to solve the mystery of the child-eating Pumpkin Witch, and warning of her coming. followed by sequels in the octobers of 2018 and 2019. group listens became a bit of a halloween tradition in my discord server. the lineup from the bandcamp says a lot about the sound on this tape:

"Effects, Ghastly Laughter, Jarring ... read more
Mar 5, 2021
can i limp your bizkit then?
Mar 5, 2021
whats ur opinion on limp bizkit? im curious
Mar 3, 2021
You owned me. Congrats. Go and listen to your atmospheric black metal, you completely ended me in this epic fight.

“I came to your profile to troll you and only got blown away 😭😭😭”
Mar 3, 2021
Mar 2, 2021
“ funny how the people that try to gotcha me are ALWAYS disingenuous and unapologetically dont give a fuck “

I don't know...., it's just the way I am 😊
Mar 2, 2021
Also, 69 isn’t a very positive rating for me, btw. Despite its “legendary” status, I don’t think of Purple Rain of anything besides a funk album that had some cool moments, nothing I’d come back to. I wouldn’t have thought of it past this day unless a song came on my playlist, or I redid my ratings.

I could be literally doing anything else then worrying about things Eminem said years ago or what goes on in Grime’s personal life. Even if I wasn’t fans of some people, I honestly don’t care. I’m just here for the music. Lots share these views. Not gonna defend all of the Nazi preachers, ofc. I legitimately don’t care, I won’t buy merch or physical copies from an abuser, but I’m not gonna rip apart a supermarket if they play some random Chris Brown song.

If you care about all that, you do you. I personally don’t. Some people do, some people don’t. Still not gonna stop you. This discussion can end now if your fine with that, gotta cook dinner seeeeeyaaaaaa:)))
Mar 2, 2021
Okay, I was also a little wrong to just hastily pull out the “woman ab*se” card against you, and same with the “harassment” term. I apologize for that. It’s not harassment, just a little boo boo that hurt the aoty users fweelings:((
Mar 2, 2021
The majority of the users on this site aren’t adults. Very little take themselves too seriously, and in 10 years they won’t be on this site, they’ll be off in an adult life. I know I shouldn’t be generalizing anything, yah yah. People take the music they listen to seriously, but often not the artist seriously, unless they’re preaching fucked up shit. Then, they’ll give them a 0.

Even for older users, not everything is about ratings. What’s the difference between me giving Blackstar a 40, a 0, a 90, or a 100? Is getting things to a higher user score supporting people? Is paying the cent to an artist really making a difference and “supporting” them? Sure, it’s a “”bad””thing to do, but am I an awful person?

I don’t know if people legitimately base their entire life around having ratings up on the lovely site Album Of The Year Dot Org, but if they do, then I’m a massive fool. Forgive me.
Mar 1, 2021
I don’t care much for prince, I gave purple rain a score in the 60’s, but yes, I pointed that out since I was questioning hypocrisy, but that’s all said and done.
Mar 1, 2021
The reason why I brought up those two in specific is because sure, I can get how somebody could and would definitely hate somebody like Chris Brown or Manson, everybody now knows what they’ve done and there’s a good reason to hate. Those two in specific just confused me lol. Not even because I like they’re music, which seriously isn’t an excuse. I just didn’t get how anything they’ve done is enough to warrant 0 spam.

I also called it “harassment” because I just didn’t know how to refer to it, it’s not even that at this point, it’s just being an ass to somebody because they like an artist. This is still a music website, so that’s why nobody takes this “seriously”. They shouldn’t have to, it’s just a music site.
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i run a 21+ metal and hardcore server. hard left-leaning and 0 tolerance for nazis/assholes/bigots/"separating art from artist."
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