Feb 4, 2020
I have been sitting on this Eminem review for over a week now, and I still find it hard to move my fingers in the right way and churn out the paragraphs for this review. Eminem is an artists that I grew up with back in his Slim Shady era, and seeing the quality of the material that he has been putting out lately has been very depressing. For each Eminem surprise release that we get, part of me gets excited, and the other part dreads of the bad reviews that I have to force myself to give ... read more
Feb 3, 2020
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place is simply a post-rock classic and a must-listen for all music enthusiasts. During the early 2000s, there was a shift in the sound of post-rock from a more experimental and math-rock influenced sound pioneered by bands such as Slint and Bark Psychosis, to a more beauty-focused and melodic symphony of guitar crescendos. To me, this album is the quintessential example of that sound. The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place is one of the most beautiful rock records ... read more
Jan 30, 2020
Considering King Krule's recent announcement of a new album this year, it seemed like a good time to look back at one of his previous projects.

The OOZ is a loose collection of jazzy, groovy and experimental ideas that all seem to vaguely compliment each other to some extent. To me, this was my introduction to King Krule's music, and the creative (and chill) use of guitars, psychedelic audio effects and zany vocals. For the most part, the OOZ is a great album to put in the background. I don't ... read more
Jan 30, 2020
This album was recommended to me by a friend. Or... more like said friend blind-bought this on CD and I really couldn't help myself giving it a shot as well. Mother Earth is a 1 hour and 13 minute long epic symphonic metal album, and serves as their sophomore album.

I will be honest, Within Temptation's blend of Celtic folk music and symphonic metal is a unique sound, and quite a creative blend at that. For the most part, the album pulls of an experimental and mystical aesthetic quite well. ... read more
Jan 30, 2020
Circles by Mac Miller stands as a textbook example of how to make a posthumous album. The album, which I assume is a finished version of a work-in-progress project that Mac Miller was concocting before his passing, is really a great send-off for a great rapper, and one that other labels should take notes of. It feels like as of late there have been too many blatant cash-grabs for artists like XXXTentacion that the thought of a new Mac Miller immediately put me off, but alas Circles really did ... read more
Jan 27, 2020
The Soft Cavalry's debut album was released in the now distant month of July, where the nights and days were unbearably hot. The laidback guitar tunes on this album serve as a great backing track to those blisteringly hot nights. With melancholic tracks such as Dive and Never Be Without You capturing the atmosphere that I associate with midsummer quite delicately. The Soft Cavalry for the most part is an album made to be forgotten, with the occasionally interesting cut such as Spiders, whose ... read more
Jan 27, 2020
In this age of divisive politics, many artists try to subtly or not-so-subtly add a political spice to their songwriting. As artists such as Father John Misty and IDLES have tried commenting on our day and age with either irony or creative storytelling. Good Luck Everybody, on the other hand, seems less like someone laughing on the sidelines than it feels like a desperate cry for help in the eye of the tornado. Indeed, if you were expecting subtle and thought-provoking political analysis and ... read more
Jan 27, 2020
Bombay Bicycle Club's debut into the 20s is for the most part alright, but really doesn't deviate a lot from the norm. A lot of the tracks here quickly go into one ear and out the other, but at least some tend to stick around. The first half of the album starts of relatively weak with tracks such as the title track Everything Else Has Gone Wrong failing to leave a lasting impact. However, the album quickly picks up after that, with I Can Hardly Speak, which I find to be personally quite great. ... read more
Jan 23, 2020
Pinegrove are a peculiar band from New Jersey, who seem to be one of the few bands alive fusing the genre of alt-country and emo. Going into this album I was excited to try out what sort of trickeries Pinegrove could be concocting. As someone who previously didn't know of this band's existence, I was quite eager to indulge myself.

However, coming out of it, I was a little disappointed, though in hindsight I really shouldn't have been. In many ways Pinegrove sound exactly like you expect. The ... read more
Jan 23, 2020
I felt that 2019 was very much the year of the pop divas. It was the year that I tried listening to typical pop artists that I usually wouldn't ever see myself listening to regularly. In 2019 it panned out, with artists such as Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen and Angel Olsen dropping considerably great pop albums, so when I saw the new Selena Gomez album, I really had to put my skepticism aside and check it out.

My previous experience with Selena Gomez's music was not very favourable to say ... read more
Jan 20, 2020
The Megaphonic Thrift is a Norwegian self-described noise rock and shoegaze band based in Bergen. Decay Decoy serves as their debut album, and the debut itself leaves much to be desired from the group, despite it only being their first time dipping their toes into the vast sea of noise.

For once, the sound that The Megaphonic Thrift really doesn't bring much new to the table. Nothing texturally, neither from the vocalist nor the blasting drums in the background particularly levitate this album ... read more
Jan 20, 2020
Listening to this album really doesn't feel the same anymore. When I first gave it a go back in July it seemed like a decent, but quite depressing, alternative country album that had its charms, but ultimately I didn't really think too much of it. It was good when I first listened to it, but now the meaning of the songs have all changed significantly.

I'll admit that I never knew who David Berman was before the release of this album. I didn't know about his work under Silver Jews, nor were I ... read more
Jan 20, 2020
Making a New World is the seventh album of Sunderland-based rock band Field Music, a band that I was not familiar with before the release of this album.

And honestly, for a band seven albums deep into their musical career, I really expected something better than this. To me, Making a New World is as boring as art pop can possibly be. Perhaps the lyrical themes can sometimes be intriguing, but for me this album is perfectly flat. Only a few of the tracks stick out as sonically interesting, ... read more
Jan 18, 2020
Ghosts I-IV is an album that I have some close sentimental connection to. Believe it or not, Ghosts was the first Nine Inch Nails album I ever listened to, and it really was a gateway into Trent’s music. Because of that, I refuse to rate this album as low as the others. Music is art, and art is subjective. This is my subjective opinion on this album.

First of all, I feel that most people approach this album with the same expectation as the other Nine Inch Nails albums. To me, this barely ... read more
Jan 16, 2020
I didn't quite expect to make it to 200 reviews before getting bored of this site, but almost half a year later, here I am still churning out reviews at an inconsistent rate.

As someone who took a semi-deep into the genre of emo and shoegaze this year, I really couldn't resist to listen to what the 2020s would be like for emo. I definitely don't expect changes to happen instantly, but I will definitely try keeping an ear out on the newest innovations in the genre, if there are any.

Anyways, ... read more
Jan 14, 2020
My first review of the year and decade. Oh shit, here we go again.

I, like many others, discovered Poppy through her viral and quite disturbing YouTube videos. That was almost seven years ago, and like the rest of the YouTube fads, Poppy quickly faded from our collective consciousness. But when I discovered that the weird robot lady on YouTube had a flourishing artistic career, I was quite spooked. It would be like if Don't Hug Me I'm Scared were to suddenly have a very successful Broadway ... read more
Jan 13, 2020
Some more albums to round-off the year of 2019 before I accept the onslaught off new albums that will be barraged upon me in 2020.

Now here is an unpopular opinion - and my biggest disagreement with the Melon Man since Xiu Xiu. I didn't really like this album that much as people seem to. Perhaps it's just my virgin ears or my pomposity, but I really didn't feel like Lingua Ignota really managed to successfully engage me or scare me enough. Maybe I'm just a picky bastard, but I really feel a ... read more
Jan 13, 2020
The last friend recommendation before I get going with the new albums that came out this Friday.

Now upon getting this album recommended to me, I decided to do some research after listening to it, and I found that apparently YEN TOWN BAND is a fictional band by Japanese artist Chara. YEN TOWN BAND's first album, MONTAGE, came out of 1996, and Diverse Journey serves as their second album, released 20 years later. Due to the large time span between the two albums, and the complicated dynamics ... read more
Jan 11, 2020
Rumble In Rhodos were a Norwegian indie rock band that were active from 2003 to 2015. Signs of Fervent Devotion would be their third album and their penultimate album before their dissolution.

Rumble In Rhodos is relatively faced paced, and characterized particularly by the lead vocalist's falsetto voice and tendency to scream his lungs out. In many ways echoing the progressive rock sound of bands such as The Mars Volta brought in the early 2000s. Sings of Fervent Devotion comes as an ... read more
Jan 11, 2020
Going through some more albums from last year.

Out of curiosity I gave the genre of atmospheric black metal a chance since I had previously dabbled in a couple of post-metal albums before this, so I decided to give this one a shot. However, after giving this thing a listen, I wasn't too thrilled with checking out more from the genre.

In general, I really didn't find this album all that interesting sonically. Though the album certainly has its loud parts and its quiet parts, I really felt that ... read more
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