AOTY 2021
Swallow The Sun - Moonflowers
Nov 22, 2021
Album cover is something really important for me, sure it doesnt really directly make the sounds better but having a nice one really make you wanna listen to the album more. When i was trying to find some cool albums to listen to,i found this. I wasnt planning on this to this but the album cover look soooooooooooo good, by far the most beautiful cover i have seen this year. I just went to listen to it immediately without knowing who is Swallow The Sun, what genres are the album, all i know is the album's name.
The cover really reflect what the album will be: The blood moon is the noise, the madness, the metal while the flowers are the relaxing, the pop and the the brown part is the atmosphere, brown, spooki.
It start off with "Moonflowers Bloom In Misery" a pretty good one, it catch you off guard in the first minute and the suprise you with the loud heavy beat drop. My heart almost dropped out when i hear the song for the first time.
"Enemy" is a really powerful track, the engry mixed with the heavy instrumental and crawling lyric and the line "And i, breathe silence of night. While the earth sleeps on it night" make the song really great.
The next 2 tracks let me down a bit tho:
"Woven Into Sorrow" is just the opening but longer and with less memorable vocal.
"Keep Your Heart Safe From Me" has a really nice instrumental but aside from it, nothing really stand out.
"All Hallows' Grieve (feat. Cammie Gilbert)" is a more thrilling track, the instrumental isnt really good here but the lyrics and the emotion they put here is enough to make up for it.
"The void" isnt special instrumental and vocal, lyricsim are meh. Still, i found it quite enjoyalbe tho.
"The Fight Of Your Life" told a story about fighting for the great. And it did it very well, even though it is a bit less loud than other tracks but there is something really powerful in the vocal that make the song, the story much better.
"This House Has No Home" is the outro and a really great one, all you have to know is THIS HOUSE HAS NO HOME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Overrall this album is veri gud, veri worth your time, pleaz listen
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