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M83 - Fantasy
May 18

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Jeff Buckley - Grace
Grace by Jeff Buckley is the first and only record by the son of Tim Buckley before his preeminent death in 1997 after a fatal drowning, and I have to say that his death becomes even more tragic to me as this is one of the best records of the 90’s for it holds an emotional weight that is powerful and moving unlike any other record released at its time.

Jeff Buckley genuinely has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard with his raw and vulnerable vocal delivery that is rarely ... read more

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Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul
Isaac Hayes’ sophomore effort, Hot Buttered Soul, is revered by many to be his magnum opus. Recorded in 2 days, this soon became a staple in Soul for its incessant creativity and immaculate presentation.

The opening track, Walk on By, is an epic intro. Instrumentally gargantuan and larger than life, Hayes transforms Dionne Warwick’s 3-minute pop hit into a 12-minute cry for Civil Rights. Johnny Allen, who had arranged for Stevie Wonder and the Temptations, helped elevate the soul ... read more

Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby
Melanie Martinez’s Crybaby is an exploration of trauma through the art of pseudo-nursery rhymes. This fableistic approach consists of childlike concepts that are mainly used as double-entendres for less-childlike situations such as abuse in many forms.

The record has some interesting sounds to explore. Whether it be from the likes of “Sippy Cup” or “Mad Hatter”, there are songs that stick out of the bunch (even if execution is far from perfect). I appreciate the ... read more

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
I’ve been trying to process this for a few days now.

The fact that Elton John after decades of performing thousands of shows is closing off his live career is quite a spectacle. After coming to AZ 26 times, I got to see his last concert in the valley. What an incredible time to be alive!

He did a whopping 23 songs and sounded phenomenal! At 75 years old, he still retains such a youthful energy and a powerful grip on every audience member - eyes never drifting from his larger than life ... read more

ゲルニカ [Guernica] - Kaizō e no Yakudō
Kaizō e no Yakudō is one of the strangest pieces of media I’ve ever stumbled upon.

The record is a fever dream in every sense of the word. The music would fit perfectly as the OST of a haunted video game that was cursed and made to be completely destroyed, and all but one copy survived.

The best way to describe this is as the musical equivalent of a film named Hausu. From the stuttering pianos that have a mind of their own to the hysterical vocals that are as if evil spirits are ... read more

Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights
Steve Lacy really needs no introduction at this point. Lacy’s evolution as an artist has been incredible from his days of messing around in GarageBand to producing for the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller. The music Lacy has put out has proven him a versatile and creative guy which can be heard on his newest record, Gemini Rights.

Gemini Rights sees Lacy crafts this vintage, nostalgic sound that adds flavor to his dreamy pop cuts. Through this sound, there is a very fun and catchy ... read more


Hello there bud! Just released a new EP (glitchy, wonky, and weird electronic genre) and if you're interested, would love it if you checked it out! (All links here)
What's up YessYessYessYes , I'm making an aoty user aggregate list of the best rappers of all time. For this list, who do you think are the top 10 rappers of all time (preferably in order)?
hii!! i just dropped a new single. it’d be amazing if you could check it out. let me know what you think!
Yo Yess! I’ve been getting inspiration to make another community list in these past few days, and I’ve just thought of a question that kind of interested me to see people’s choices; what’s a song you know that sounds super happy but is actually sad, due to lyrical content and/or backstory? Feel free to ignore if you’re not interested in answering, but make sure to keep your selections limited to 1 or 2 picks if you do. Reasonings are optional :)
Thanks for following :)
Heya! I just released my latest ambient piece and hope you get some time to check it out and let me know what you think! ^^
Hello! I previously created music under "Concrete Castles". My album, Losing Lustre by Losing Lustre is out TODAY! It took over a year to create so it would be absolutely awesome if you could give it a listen and leave some feedback. Thanks a lot!
Thank you for checking it out, glad you enjoyed it! ^^ I did take inspiration from a variety of artists, most noticeably I took inspiration from Aphex Twin & Burial (as you said).
For the DAW’s I used a lot of Garageband, Bandlab, and even look for unique sample loops on my phone with various launchpads apps on my phone.
I just collect and plop things on the table and my brain does the rest and sees what sticks haha


Welcome to the music emporium here that they call “YessYessYessYes”! (Not really active anymore :( )

Here you will find a range of records. Some may be your favorites and some may be your most hated. Some opinions you may agree with, while others you won’t.

I absolutely adore being able to passionately delve into music and to analyze a project’s elements and fundamentals.

So I hope that my opinions may lead you to wondrous listens & experiences as the community has done for me.

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