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Jeff Buckley - Grace
Jan 23, 2021
Grace by Jeff Buckley is the first and only record by the son of Tim Buckley before his preeminent death in 1997 after a fatal drowning, and I have to say that his death becomes even more tragic to me as this is one of the best records of the 90’s for it holds an emotional weight that is powerful and moving unlike any other record released at its time.

Jeff Buckley genuinely has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard with his raw and vulnerable vocal delivery that is rarely ever heard. His voice is so expressive and attention-grabbing for his demeanor feels so personal and honest. Every emotion is expressed through his painful delivery that makes you want to cry.

The raw and heavy amount of emotion that appears on the intense “Mojo Pin” is absolutely breath-taking with Buckley truly coming through with an authentic track that is brilliant and honest.

Tracks such as “Grace” and “So Real” have such an amazing presentation of instrumentation that back-up Buckley’s distraught vocals with “So Real” utilizing distorted and loud instrumentation of which builds up to an emotional hysteria and paranoia that is hauntingly authentic and “Grace” optimizing for a more romantic approach as it’s a song that touches upon the idea of humans enduring life for the sake of those truly love us.

“Corpus Christi Carol” is performed in an amazing falsetto that results in a hauntingly gorgeous track that was a cover of one of Benjamin Britten’s arrangements that was attributed to a friend of Buckley’s that introduced him to Britten’s work.

The songs with a scant and minimal presentation allow for Buckley’s performance to have a nakedness and a brutal honesty that really gets to you. Tracks such as “Lilac Wine” and especially “Hallelujah” are able to emotionally affect you for there is nothing to focus on except a young man pouring out his emotions resulting in an incredible amount of emotional potency

Grace ends with one of the biggest tearjerkers, “Dream, Brother” which is Buckley giving advice to a friend of his to be the best father he can be to his child as Jeff lost his father at an incredibly young age. It’s a heartbreaking track and leaves me in awe at how Buckley is able to effectively communicate his pain and emotions through song in a way I’ve heard no one else do.

Grace is one of the most emotionally heavy records I’ve ever heard as it exudes some of the most naked, vulnerable, and raw vocal performances I’ve ever heard. The sound of this record is timeless and Buckley’s performance is one that will never age as the honesty found in this album shakes me to my core and brings tears to my eyes for how beautiful and moving each piece is.

R.I.P. Jeff,
thank you for being vulnerable with the world and being able to evoke emotions that have moved millions in a way only you could.

I discovered you through your Three Imaginary Boys review so I checked out this one since it was your pinned one. I loved reading this, the way your love for Jeff Buckley’s music shines through is honestly great :)

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!
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