Jun 22, 2018
Listened to it twice and it's not bad, but it's kinda boring. I think I would have to rip into each track on their own, but cohesively as an album it's a little too monotonous. It sounds a lot like Soccer Mommy's recent works but much milder. I'm not against catchy lyrics, monotone singers, or repetitiveness if it keeps me engaged, but this album starts to become white-noise after a bit. Overall, it's enjoyable in doses.

Favorite Track: Heat Wave
Jun 12, 2018
Grunge meets Dylanesque lyrics on Tell Me How You Really Feel. I didn't think Courtney Barnett's lyrics were as witty as previous records, but there is a sonically grinding electric guitar that is much more present on this album. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Favorite Tracks: City Looks Pretty; Nameless, Faceless; Walkin' on Eggshells
Jun 12, 2018
God's Favorite Customer (GFC) has all of the typical Father John Misty (FJM) falsettos, orchestration, and wit. But what it really lacks is the apocalyptic doom that Pure Comedy gave us. This album is turned down a bit and much more introspective, it takes an emotional look at heartbreak and the ugly side of love.

I fully recognize that FJM can come off as self-absorbed, hedonistic, and narcissistic. His rants against mindless entertainment can seem hypocritical, his bravo hip-thrusting ... read more
May 31, 2018
After listening to this album several times I can confirm that it gets better and better with every listen. It's a masterpiece. Truly outstanding dream pop. I will be listening to this while chilling on my porch all summer.

Favorite Tracks: Pay No Mind; Lemon Glow; Dive; Last Ride
May 22, 2018
Smooth and buttery.

Favorite Tracks: Beyond; Bad Bad News
May 21, 2018
Overdone, tired, boring, repetitive, nothing new. Not a bad album, but it doesn't come out to me as "Oooooh I could listen to this album again!". If you're a Dr. Dog fan you will probably like this album, but it won't feed the craving for "new" music.

Favorite Tracks: Listening In; Heart Killer
May 21, 2018
A few tracks are absolute hits, but the rest are total busts. I love some songs but overall the album is lacking and fragmented. The production is incredible with contributions from Prince and Pharrell. The tracks hit a gigantic range of genres, and the content and message is clearly delivered. However what doesn't always hit are the lyrics. I think she presents her freedom and individuality a lot better than Cupcakke does but similarly if the lyrics can't come through without being ... read more
May 18, 2018
Good, not great. Melancholy, but not emotionally evocative. Trippy little album with a classic indie folk sound.

Favorite Track: Wait by the River
May 18, 2018
I'm not going to rate this album because I'm conflicted. I wish there would have been one or two prominent artists featured on this album, and I also got bored with it really quickly. However, the concept is strong and J. Cole was very focused in this work. Overall, it was pretty good but not great.

Favorite Track: ATM
May 9, 2018
Not what I expected, more pop than "country". Overall, I did like the cohesive collection of tracks and the general sound. Good album!

Favorite Tracks: Love is a Wild Thing; High Horse
May 8, 2018
This isn't their best work but they're trying something new. Although in the wrong direction. The synth organ solo should have ended with The Doors over 50 years ago but somehow managed to make it's way back in 2018 on "Your Ghost". "Everything is Awful" was awful, and "Cutting Stone" just didn't cut it. Overall, I wasn't impressed from this Decemberists album.

Favorite Tracks: Sucker's Prayer, Severed
May 8, 2018
I feel bad not rating this album higher because it is so emotional and heartbreaking. The lyrics are wonderful and the diverse sounds are great, but it's more of spoken word to a tune. Not quite the musical appeal to me. Overall, an incredibly deep and saddening collection of heartache that cancer brings to those left behind.

Favorite Track: Distortion; Tintin in Tibet
May 7, 2018
Late Stage Capitalism is refreshingly upbeat and cheery for music in 2018. Messersmith generally doesn't reinvent the wheel sonically, as his past works generally sound Beatle-esque. This album sounds like a blend of 60s pop, but in a comfortable way and a little deeper than his usual works. The tracks are airy, breezy, and sound like they're coming from California and definitely not Minnesota. Overall, the album is enjoyable and uplifting.

Favorite Tracks: Purple Hearts; Don't Call It Love; ... read more
May 1, 2018
A Little Honey sounds just like "Benny and the Jets" and I could never get over that...Overall the album is kind of boring and tired...

Favorite Track: You Worry Me
May 1, 2018
Not bad. It's depressing but good low-tempo music nonetheless. The album is cohesive and flows well, and the overall sound is pretty great.

Favorite Tracks: Like a Motherless Child, This Wild Darkness, Welcome to Hard Times
Apr 30, 2018
Exactly the sound you can expect from The Breeders. The album is noisy and loud with the 90s alt-grunge sound blaring through. Overall, some tracks are interesting but nothing new or notable from this ranging project.

Favorite Tracks: All Nerve, Spacewoman
Apr 30, 2018
Historian is a great album! It rocks with emotions and you can feel heartbreak throughout the record. I'm a big fan of the lyrics, sound, and overall album concept.

Favorite Tracks: Addictions, Night Shift, Nonbeliever
Mar 23, 2018
It's not a great album, but it's definitely not as awful as some are being so critical in claiming. Despite being a heavy experimentation album with lots of duds vocally, Jack White can still shred on the guitar. Almost all of the tracks are awful lyrically, ie: Why Walk a Dog?, Ice Station Zebra, Corporation, Over and Over and Over, etc... But there are tracks that feature extraordinary guitar riffs and solos, so that slightly evens things out for me. However, the experimentalism of the ... read more
Mar 14, 2018
Once I heard that track about chickens and dogs I knew this was over. Incredibly limited to an inner circle audience with obscure lyrics and meaningless songs. Someone else said, "If David Byrne had a "no man" this record may have been an EP or single" and I couldn't agree more. Overall, I'm disappointed in this effort.

Favorite Track: Everybody's Coming To My House
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