VIVIZ - Summer Vibe
Jul 6, 2022
Just when I thought K-Pop wasn't as exciting as it used to be, VIVIZ proved otherwise by bringing in some of the industry's best producers on their new album - from the greatest SM producers, to the legendary Monotree, who have been involved in the production of the girls' ballads for years.

This amazing producer line-up created a lot of expectations and excitement for the new album, and it's safe to say that the girls have lived up to those expectations.

The EP starts with 'LOVEADE', the refreshing title track that opts for the new K-pop style of releasing slower and more subtle songs as the single. The lyrics depict the wonderful feeling of having found someone you love, comparing the coldness of a lemonade with the heat of summer. The girls especially shine in this song with their vocals (especially their ad-libs during the last chorus) - the bridge, where the synths go crazy is also a good part full of energy. Although 'LOVEADE' is mostly an attempt to make the song a Tik Tok challenge, the song has a certain freshness that, as usual for the girls, has an old-school feel and is reminiscent of the best years of bands like SISTAR or Dalshabet.

'SIESTA' is a good follow-up as it has a lot in common with the the title track. The song is infused with an addictive and powerful chorus, accompanied by lyrics that suggest wanting to spend the day in the arms of your beloved.

Yet, the best part of the EP only starts with 'Party Pop'. With the track, VIVIZ continues to embrace their vibrant dance-pop color; this third track is even more retro-infused than the first two, offering a song that has two sides: the first one is lively and full of spark, while the second one reveals a more puzzling and wistful aspect of the song. In any case, it is a song that invites its listener to dance freely while leaving its worries behind.

The fourth song gives the impression that it comes directly from the f(x)'s '4 Walls' album. 'Love Love Love' resembles 'Tweet Tweet', which was on the first release of the trio and also had house elements, and it seems the closest K-Pop can come near to hyperpop, with other songs like 'Pantomime' by WJSN or 'MVSK' by Kep1er - looks like it's a Queendom group thing. This song here is imbued with UK garage, and a chorus that starts steadily before bursting with vivacity, showing an Eunha that presents a more mature and distinct voice than before.

Then here is my favorite track, a pure eargasm. The girls' vocals make a huge contribution to '#FLASHBACK' - Ariana Grande doesn't release music anymore, so someone had to take her place. The retro instrumental allows itself to do crazy things while the girls continue to sing this tune that sounds so indredibily captivating.

'Dance', is produced by 'Monotree', and that should be enough. Even though a ballad on such a vivid and colorful album seems out of place, the last song of 'Summer Vibe' is gentle, and the violins that accompany the girls' profound voices, is perfect for a late summer day. The lyrics picture a dance shared between two people, although not perfect, it invites its listener to appreciate the present time.

The six tracks on VIVIZ's second mini album flow perfectly, and they share that retro feeling, perfect for the hot summer days. Pink tinged songs that reveal the colors of the girls, while promising an excellent musical career.

Well done girls, you did it again!

+: #FLASHBACK, party pop, love love love, dance

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