Apr 21, 2021
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Apr 11, 2021
Hi friend. I noticed that you've been missing lately. Just wanted to to tell you that we all appreciate YOU and how much you made us laugh. lots of love. have a great day!!! :D
Mar 30, 2021
You’re probably gone but I respect your consistent hatred for Radiohead
Feb 19, 2021
Guys I think he died
Jan 9, 2021
Hello, I hope you're having a good day. I am reaching out in regards to my next AOTY Icon Interview. If you're unfamiliar with the series I crowdsource for questions. This time around for January 2021 edition, I will be interviewing PipePanic. The question is, what is a music-related question you can ask Pipe. Please refrain from asking questions as simple as "What is your favorite album?" Please also refrain from asking for thoughts about a specific album or asking joke questions. I ask that you ask something thought-provoking and ambiguous. I will be selecting the best questions to ask Pipe. If you can't think of any questions, you have a week to think about it. I also recommend checking my shoutbox before asking the question just to verify it hasn't been asked already. All participants will be credited for their questions. The interview will be posted by the end of the month. Thank you!
Jan 9, 2021
What is an album you like from an artist you don't like (for a list)
Dec 2, 2020
Hey there! How are you? I'm making a list and I would like to know: what do you think is a perfect album to listen to in a certain city and which city would that be? Try and choose a city from your country or state/province. If you want to add some on words on why you would choose that album, they will be welcome. Thank you!
Nov 19, 2020
Favourite hiphop/rap album of all time? I'm making a list combining my personal taste with that of the good people of AOTY.
Nov 18, 2020
Hey, what do you think the most over hated album of 2020 is? (for a list)
Nov 13, 2020
You're thrown into a locked room with a gun to last for 5 hours. What song do they have to play on repeat to get you to give up and shoot yourself?
Nov 10, 2020
Album covers often get a lot of attention, sometimes more than the music itself but there's one aspect to albums that is very often overlooked: the title. The title often sets the mood and energy of the album, or is memorable enough to stick with you, but seldom gets credit for doing so. Anyways, this leads into a question I have (for a list): what's your favourite album title of all time?
Nov 7, 2020
That answer is for a different conversation I think
Nov 6, 2020

As some of you may know I've tried a challenge like this before, but I failed miserably after not caring about some records I needed to listen too.
So it's time to start the second challenge and be a little less ambitious, I will listen rate and review an album every Monday and Friday, which I normally wouldn't cover.
This is where the point of the challenge comes in, I will try to broaden my musical experience by giving certain genres a change, which I normally would write off as "it's not really my thing".
I hope you guys in the AOTY community will help me, again, on this journey!

This challenge will start on Friday the first in January, so I will give myself some time gathering all the records from you guys! I hope this will turn out better this time!

Genres I listen to on the daily are: Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap-Metal, Indie-Pop and R&B. So, any record that's not within that certain genre may be recommended!

Thank you :))
Nov 5, 2020
Hey, whats your favorite album released in the 60’s. (For a list)
Nov 1, 2020
Yo, what would you consider the most slept on album of 2020 that you think more people should know about? It's for a list I'm making
Nov 1, 2020
Hey! Whats your favourite artist? For a list
Nov 1, 2020
A record collection that ranges from 1-13 inches at most. Impressive. I must admit.
Oct 29, 2020
Ayee!!! I just dropped my first single which will also be included as part of Insomnia Cafe’s Halloween Special coming Friday. It’s a halloween banger to get the vibes on deck.

Check it out, rate it, hit me up with ur feedback or whatever u decide to do with it I’ll certainly appreciate It!





Thank ya’ll, have a happy halloween & Enjoy!
Oct 28, 2020
im scared of you
Oct 25, 2020
Oct 25, 2020
Oct 25, 2020
Oct 23, 2020
Yo, thanks for listening and rating my mixtape, it really does mean a lot!
Oct 21, 2020
Hey! For a list I’m making, what is your feel good album?
Oct 19, 2020
congrats on 600!
Oct 14, 2020
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Oct 5, 2020
What is your Discogs?
Sep 24, 2020
What are your fav albums for 2020 (for a list) Thanks for the follow! Thoughts on my reviews too?
Sep 24, 2020
Thanks for the follow!
Sep 11, 2020
I usually don't like to spam my new albums or whatever, but I just dropped a collaborative EP with a producer KiNG that I'm really proud of. I would appreciate if you reviewed it. :)
Aug 10, 2020
Hey what is your favorite album closer and album opener for a list I’m making?
Aug 9, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
Aug 9, 2020
Jul 30, 2020
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Jul 30, 2020
User is no longer with us
Jul 26, 2020
Hey! Whats a bad album from a good artist? (list)
Jul 24, 2020
Thanks for following me!
Jul 19, 2020
Hi man, I am working on a list and I would like to have as much views as I can. Here is my question, what are your top 3 albums from the last decade (January 2010 to dec 2019). I am not interest in what critics said or which ones were the most praised albums from that period, I want to know about your personal list. I will really appreciate your help. Cheers mate!
Jul 11, 2020
@John Hoffman - Thanks for the follow!
Jul 10, 2020
Thanks for the follow <3
Jul 9, 2020
Thanks for the follow <3
Jul 9, 2020
Thank you for your follow!!
Jul 9, 2020
if ur gonna rate pulse demon a 0 at least justify ur score smh
Jul 9, 2020
How big are we talking here on the vinyl collection?
Jul 9, 2020
Oh shit lil Bill!!
Jul 9, 2020
Thanks for the follow 🙂🙂

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