Mogwai - As The Love Continues
Feb 19, 2021
An instrumental record, which often seems to merge Muse with Deftones, but in a less interesting way.

It is quite interesting how it delivers a feeling of desolation and a dystopic future, with contemplative melodies, but even so, I always have the impression that something is missing.
The impression that was left when I finished listening to the album, is that it was a good idea, but it ended up not being so well executed.

The songs always follow a certain formula, which after 30 minutes of listening, it really gets tiring, even more because the record is 1 hour long, which makes it dragged and lasts longer than necessary. Seriously, they could have taken at least a couple of tracks, since the entire record looks like a copy of itself.

Well, the songs always follow the same structure, putting a certain element, or melody well contained in the beginning, and then playing it louder.
Because it is very repetitive, it even tires, but they still manage to build interesting moments during the record.

The highlight of the album is the first track, "To the Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth", where it manages to build an intimate and contemplative atmosphere very well, reminding me a lot of the sound track of "Ergo Proxy", that carries a lot of these existential and contemplative elements.
It is a very good song, which has its sci-fi and atmospheric elements.
Color: Yellow, Gray

Another track I would like to quote is "Ritchie Sacramento", which is the only track that is sung. Well, the instrumental follows the same proposal, and the vocals are uninspired, not passing much emotion. The impression I have is that it was sung by a Blade Runner replicant, because the vocal line is completely expressionless.
Color: Red, Black

"Ceiling Granny" is an interesting track. She has a guitar line similar to Deftones' work, but if they had a streak towards Punk, Pop / Punk. It's a little different from the rest of the record, and if it had a vocal on it, I think it could be more interesting.
Color: Yellow, Gray

The highlight is the guitars and synthesizers. The drums and bass are often used as background, and the drums have moments that stand out the most.

The album is not bad, I just think it could be explored much better, and not be copying music after music. It is somewhat predictable and repetitive.
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