Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview On Phenomenal Nature
Feb 20, 2021
2021 was a pretty mediocre year so far, but everything changed when I saw this release. "An Overview on Phenomenal Nature" is the second release by singer Cassandra Jenkins, and is a spectacular album.
The sensation I had while listening to this record was as if it had opened my head, poured honey on my brain and massaged. It is so delicate, melodic, consistent, that it is as if it takes you to another level, where there is no concern and you just need to delight in the wonderful melodies and lyrics while your soul is being washed.
It is a short record, with 30 minutes of duration, and its songs are slow, developing its melodies in its time, very calmly and carefully.
The saxophone lines are very present and expressive. The drums and bass do a great job of serving as a support to build a consistent and pleasant melody. The piano, along with the guitar, follows a sound flow, along with the vocal lines, which talk so well among themselves, that it is almost as if the whole arrangement had sex. They follow a very well fitted sound flow.
And if the instrumental is not good enough, Cassandra completes the songs with VERY well inspired and written lyrics. And they match your sweet voice so well, sometimes sounding high, sometimes sounding slightly hoarse, but always massaging your ears. This whole set, makes the album look like a big plume of cotton in which we lay and sink, with the body totally relaxed.

The secret to enjoying this record in the most correct way possible, is to close your eyes and let it guide you, for surely you will not regret it.

As the name says, it is a record that gives an idea about taking advantage of what nature has to offer us. This message is delivered strongly on the second song, "New Bikini". This song is the highlight of the album for me, and it contains beautiful lyrics.

"Baby, go get in the ocean
When you’re bruised or scraped
Or any kind of broken
The water, it cures everything "

The chorus of the song sounds so powerful to me, giving the idea that regardless of what we are going through, if we let the "natural" influence us, we can get any answer, or cure for our problems.

"The water, it cures everything", this phrase is beautiful, and along with the way she sings, whenever I listen, it touches me a lot.
- COLOR: White

The message of the album is reaffirmed again in the song "Hard Drive", which already begins with a phrase that is again striking:
"When we lose our connection to nature
We lose our spirit, our humanity, our sense of self ".

This song works differently from the rest of the album, it sweats for the most part, as a monologue, leaving the "singing" for the chorus.
The 4th verse is very interesting, where it starts to guide us to basically a meditation. This verse is interesting, as it can be understood as a double meaning: The 1st would really be the Lyric Self going through that, in the universe created in the music. And the 2nd form of understanding, is with Cassandra herself talking to us.
-COLOR: White, Baby Blue.

I'm not going to quote everything on the record, but I want to talk about the last song, "The Ramble". It's the longest track on the record, and it's an instrumental. This song is the end point of this astral journey that we were guided. At the end, this track contains various sounds of nature, birds, people walking, etc. These sounds are very well placed, and this is due to the fact that the production and mixing of the record are impeccable. If we close our eyes, we can almost see the scenes and environments created by these sound effects. It is a great closing for the album, and it matches very well with the astral melody created by the saxophone and synthesizers.
- COLOR: White, Yellow

It is a melodic work, with positive messages, sentimental and precise! Especially nowadays, where we are surrounded by artists bragging about depression.
Feb 21, 2021
Lovely review!
Feb 21, 2021
@Jamobo Thanks bro
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