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Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Nov 12, 2021
If this album don't change the music industry i don't know what changes. I'm honestly surprise how a big musician as Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak made a MUSIC album, just thinking about music and how good it sounds and not just some product to sell as 99,9% of other artists.
Is music in the most literal sense that u can think.

With a lot of class they managed to rescue the Motonw sound and do something that not only reminds the good moments of soul music/funk from the 70s, they did a job with their own characteristics.

You know they really cared about the work when you hear sound effects and sounds that are only noticeable when you pay close attention. They are not there for you to sing, as something to give you rhythm, much less to make you remember. The sound effects placed are there only to compose the music and ADD it to a layer. For those of you who have already listened to at least 1 Marvin Gaye album, you must also have felt presented with the audios of people talking between songs.

Mistake is terrifying, from the singers' voices to the background sound effects, both are very well mixed.
Each instrument knows how far to go, always leaving room for another to shine, and everything contributes to the atmosphere created. There is nothing more and nothing less, everything in its place. They paid attention to every second of the project.

There is not a single song that is below the other. Even expecting something SPECTACULAR from this album, I still managed to be surprised. Every melody, every lyric, every instrument, every second here is an incredible wealth of detail. I really didn't expect to see musicians this famous doing really relevant work, without any attachment to industry mannerisms to make something super sell.

They let the music speak, they don't end a track because of her minutetabling, they extend the music to where she's asking. Rich passages, each with its own characteristics. Not only is it a GREAT pop album, it's music at its core.

Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, whatever they are I'm sure they are proud of this record.

Awesome review :)
@Donlord thank you very much 😁
hey really liked the review keep up the good work
Good job on the review!
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